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Pokemon GO Shaymin Costume Pikachu Revealed – GO Fest 2022

A brand-new Shaymin-costumed version of Pikachu is coming to Pokemon GO – here’s what it looks like and how you can get one!

While there are many fan-favorite Pokemon, Pikachu is without a doubt the most popular one and has been the undisputed face of the franchise for well over two decades now.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Pokemon GO releases so many costumed variants of Pikachu in its events.

We only recently saw the debut of Flying Pikachu in Pokemon GO. Despite this, Niantic has now confirmed that yet another variant of the fan-favorite Electric-type ‘Mon is on the way.

Here’s your first look at Shaymin-costumed Pikachu and how you get can one in Pokemon GO! Luckily, it’ll be much easier to get than the ultra-rare Pikachu Libre!

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The Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Logo stands ahead of a foresty background. The following Pokemon can be seen playing together: Pikachu, Tropius, Shaymin, Shelmet, Rufflet, Axew, Unown, Empoleon, Karrablast, and Burmy (Trash Cloak).

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 – Shaymin Costumed Pikachu Revealed

Niantic has confirmed the dates and locations of the 2022 Pokemon GO Fest around the world and now it has confirmed the costumed Pikachu that will be appearing during the event.

Pokemon GO Fest is the biggest event of the year for every Pokemon GO player and the 2022 edition is no different.

In addition to the new Shaymin form, shiny Pokemon, and more in Pokemon GO Fest 2022, a costumed variant of Pikachu will also be making its debut during the event!

We didn’t know what it would look like when the first GO Fest announcement came out. However, we now know that this Pikachu will have a Shaymin-style costume.

It’s just a subtle difference from the Pikachu we all know and love. Although, everyone will still want to catch it anyway to add another Pikachu to the collection!

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Pokemon GO Shaymin Costumed Pikachu

The Shaymin-costumed Pikachu has a flower on either side of its head like the Pokemon it is dressed as.

During Pokemon GO Fest 2022, you will be able to catch Shaymin-Costumed Pikachu in the wild or get one by beating it in Raids. What’s more, there will also be a shiny version of this costumed ‘Mon available during the event.

Stay tuned for more information about Pokemon GO Fest 2022 as the event gets closer! Let’s hope that Niantic reverts the much-hated Pokemon GO incense nerf before the Fest though!

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