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Pokemon GO Shadow Raids Guide: Bosses, How to Join, Top Tips & More

Everything you need to know about Shadow Raids!

Pokemon GO is finally introducing Shadow Raids to the game. While they are very similar to standard Raids, there are a few key differences you need to know.

In addition to Shadow Pokemon being the bosses, Shadow Raids can only take place at certain Gyms and are a bit more challenging too!

Here’s the full rundown of what you need to know about Shadow Raids in Pokemon GO.

What Are Shadow Raids?

Shadow Raids are a brand-new type of Pokemon GO Raid where you must defeat a Shadow Pokemon.

They come in different difficulty tiers and are more difficult than standard Raids as Shadow Raid bosses become enraged during your battle with them, increasing both their attack and defense.

After winning a Shadow Raid, you will have the chance of catching the Shadow Pokemon you just defeated using Premier Balls.

Shadow Croconaw Raid Pokemon GO

All Shadow Raid Bosses in Pokemon GO

These are all of the Shadow Pokemon that have appeared as Raid bosses so far:

PokemonRaid TierCan it Be Shiny?
Shadow Poliwag
Poliwag Pokemon GO
Shadow Machop
Pokemon GO Machop
Shadow Bellsprout
Bellsprout Pokemon GO
Shadow Beldum
Pokemon GO Beldum
Shadow Bayleef
Bayleef Pokemon GO
Shadow Quilava
Quilava Pokemon GO
Shadow Croconaw
Croconaw Pokemon GO
Shadow Sneasel
Sneasel Pokemon GO
Shadow Mewtwo
Pokemon GO Mewtwo

So far, Mewtwo is the only Shadow Legendary in Shadow Raids. However, you can currently catch another Shadow Legendary Pokemon through Research.

Here’s how to catch Shadow Regice in Pokemon GO!

What Gyms Host Shadow Raids?

Any Gym that has been taken over by Team GO Rocket can host a Shadow Raid. This Gym is black, instead of the standard red, blue or yellow.

Additionally, you can tell what Gyms will be hosting a Shadow Raid before they start. Gyms that will be hosting a Shadow Raid have a purple flame behind the Raid Egg.

Pokemon GO Shadow Raid Map

How to Join Shadow Raids

You can join Shadow Raids in the same way as any other Raid, using standard Raid Passes. However, you cannot participate in Shadow Raids remotely.

Simply go up to any Gym with a Shadow Raid at it and press the Battle button to join. This will spend a Raid Pass or Premium Battle Pass and let you join the Shadow Raid.

Find out how to get more Raid Passes if you want to enter some Shadow Raids!

Top Tips to Win Shadow Raids

To ensure you win Shadow Raids in Pokemon GO, you will want to use Purified Gems. These are items that subdue enraged Shadow bosses, temporarily lowering their attack and defense.

Additionally, all of the top tips for winning standard Pokemon GO Raids are also very helpful in Shadow Raids. This includes:

  • Inviting as many trainers as possible.
  • Mega Evolving Pokemon to boost that attack of Pokemon that share a type.
  • Using strong counters to the Shadow Raid boss.

While Shadow Raids are certainly challenging, there is another type of battle that is even more difficult. Check out our Pokemon GO Elite Raids guide to find out more!

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