Here are the dates and featured Legendary Pokemon for all four of Pokemon GO’s Raid Hours during September 2022!

While the main focus of Pokemon GO is certainly catching Pokemon, battling is another integral part of the game.

If you’re after a challenge, or just want to catch some rare Pokemon, you’ll want to take part in some Raids. And there’s no better time to Raid in Pokemon GO than the weekly Raid Hours.

These are events that take place every week where the Legendary Pokemon that is currently in Raids appear way more often. Raid Hours give players plenty of chances to catch whichever Legendary Pokemon is featured.

Deoxys Pokemon GO

Once you’ve found out everything you need to know about Raids in Pokemon GO, you’ll want to take part in the upcoming Raid Hours.

Here are all of the featured Pokemon for the September 2022 Raid Hours we know so far as well as the all-important dates.

Every Pokemon GO Raid Hour takes place on a Wednesday from 6 pm – 7 PM local time. There are 4 different Raid Hours in September 2022:

  • September 7Deoxys (Normal, Speed, Defense, and Attack Forme)
  • September 14 – Kartana and Celesteela
  • September 21 – Kartana and Celesteela
  • September 28 – Yveltal

We will update this list as soon as Niantic announces the other Pokemon in Raid Hours this month.

These aren’t the only times you can catch these Legendary Pokemon though. Check out the September 2022 Pokemon GO Legendary and Mega Raid schedule for more information.

If you want to take part in Pokemon GO Raids, you’ll need to use some Raid Passes. Our Pokemon GO Raid Passes guide tells you everything you need to know about these valuable items.

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Pokemon GO Yveltal

Meanwhile, there are some Legendary Pokemon that you can’t get from beating Raids at the moment. Find out how to catch Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno in Pokemon GO!

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