It’s time to get walking and hatch some eggs in Pokemon GO Season of GO – here’s what to expect from your 5km hatches.

The Season of GO is finally here in Pokemon GO, and there’s plenty of new content to explore. Not only are new raids dropping hot (including a return for Mewtwo!) but the game will feature some exciting new additions to Egg hatches.

Of course, you’ll have to spin a PokeStop (or walk to get your weekly Adventure Sync Rewards) to get a 5km Egg. Only then will you be able to put it in an incubator and hatch it.

Without any further ado, let’s get into finding out what Pokemon are in 5km Eggs in the Season of GO!

5km Egg Pokemon GO

All 5km Egg Hatches in Pokemon GO Season of GO

Common Hatches – Tier 1 Rarity

These 8 Pokemon are common hatches from 5km Eggs during the Season of GO. However, one of them is a region-exclusive Pokemon so you’ll only be able to hatch one!

Pokemon ImagePokemonCan it be Shiny?
Togepi Pokemon GOTogepiYes
Azurill Pokemon GOAzurillYes
Wynaut Pokemon GOWynautYes
Bronzor Pokemon GOBronzorYes
Mime Jr Pokemon GOMime Jr. (Europe Exclusive)Yes
Rowlet Pokemon GORowletNo
Litten Pokemon GOLittenNo
Popplio Pokemon GOPopplioNo

Rare Hatches – Tier 3 Rarity

There are only two rare hatches from 5km Eggs in the Season of GO – Skarmory and Bonsly.

Pokemon ImagePokemonCan it be Shiny?
Pokemon GO SkarmorySkarmoryYes
Bonsly Pokemon GOBonslyYes

5km Adventure Sync Reward Egg Hatches

Additionally, it’s possible to get another kind of 5km Egg from your weekly Adventure Sync Rewards if you walk far enough during the week.

These are the 6 Pokemon you can get from 5km Adventure Sync Reward Eggs:

Pokemon ImagePokemonCan it be Shiny?
Cranidos Pokemon GOCranidosYes
Shieldon Pokemon GOShieldonYes
Happiny Pokemon GOHappinyYes
Munchlax Pokemon GOMunchlaxYes
Roggenrola Pokemon GORoggenrolaYes
Frillish Pokemon GOFrillishNo

Also, if you want to hatch plenty of Eggs, you’ll need some incubators. Find out the fastest way to earn PokeCoins in Pokemon GO so you can buy more incubators.

Find out what Pokemon can hatch from Pokemon GO’s other Eggs in the Season of GO too:

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