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Pokemon GO Players Slam Niantic Over “Rip Off” Elite Fast TM Prices – Community Day Box

Pokemon GO players are not happy with developer Niantic after its recent pricing of the Elite Fast TM in the latest Community Day Box.

Recently, Pokemon GO players have been feeling a little hard done by when it comes to in-game changes. In case you weren’t aware, Niantic recently made Remote Raid Passes much harder to get, while at the same time raising the price of the Raid Passes in the Shop.

On top of that, recent changes to incense made the item worthless, and Community Days are now just 3 hours long!

Things are getting so bad that fans are planning a boycott of Pokemon GO Fest 2022, in an effort to get the developer to fix the issues. But things appear to be getting worse before they get better, as today’s Alolan Geodude Community Day brings with it even more cause for complaints.

Alolan Geodude Community Day

Pokemon GO Fans Call Price of Elite Fast TM Insulting

An Elite Fast TM is one of the rarest and most useful items in Pokemon GO. And Niantic appears to be locking it behind a steep paywall.

For those unaware, an Elite Fast TM allows players to choose any move for their Pokemon to learn. Unlike regular TMs, users can choose which move to learn manually, and their options even include special moves that are usually locked behind events.

Right now, the only way to get the rare drop is through one-time-only in-game missions, or through an end-of-season reward for the GO Battle League. If you choose to go that route, here is the best team you should be using in Pokemon GO right now.

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Pokemon GO

However, there’s one more way to get your hands on the Elite Fast TM, the game’s Shop. Right now in the Pokemon GO Shop, players can buy a Community Day Box for 975 PokeCoins.

Fans Call Alolan Geodude Community Day Box “Insulting”

This box contains an Elite Fast TM, as well as one Super Incubator, Star Piece, and Lucky Egg. But with all of the box’s other contents only costing a combined 380 PokeCoins in the Shop, Niantic is evidently valuing a single TM at 595 Coins.

One popular post on the PokemonGO subreddit calls this Community Day Box pricing ‘kinda insulting’ and it’s clear that the community agrees. Another post refers to today’s item box as “a rip off”, and players aren’t holding back with their criticisms in the comments.

It’s a bad time for Niantic to upset its fan base, right before the Alola to Alola end-of-season event is about to begin.

Right now, Pokemon GO players are begging Niantic to listen to their concerns, but there’s little response from the developer so far. We’ll update you with the latest developments as they arrive.

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Hearus Niantic

Friday 27th of May 2022

BOYCOTT GO FEST! And harass every Pokemon Youtuber into doing the same. They are the ones debasing themselves to shill for everything Niantic does to screw over the players.

F off Niantic.