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Pokemon GO Remote Raid Petition Gains Momentum Against Changes

Battle over Remote Raid adjustments intensifies.

Pokemon GO players have started a new petition that’s gained momentum to protest the recent upcoming Remote Raid changes Niantic plans to roll out on April 6 update.

Since their introduction during the pandemic, many feel that Niantic has made Remote Raid Passes more unappealing.

Fan Petition Against Remote Raid Changes Gains Traction

Pokemon GO players have launched a petition on to protest the recent changes Niantic plans to implement for Remote Raids.

The petition has already gathered 31,000 signatures and has its next goal set at 35,000 despite only starting on March 30.

This new petition targets two of the upcoming changes Niantic announced, including:

  • Limit added to the amount of daily Remote Raids.
  • Remote Raid Passes price increase.

If you want to sign the petition, you can find it here on However, keep reading to see where Niantic and the community currently stand.

Pokemon GO Remote Raids Petition Change Org

Earlier this week, the price increase had already sparked outrage among the Pokemon GO community, but players have had enough.

One of their main goals is for Niantic to maintain accessibility to Remote Raids for all players. Most players use these raids to obtain Legendary Pokemon successfully.

The petition argues that reducing the number of Remote Raids players can participate in will lead to a decline in player participation.

They note that this is likely because these changes will make it harder to defeat powerful enemies, leading to players getting disengaged from Pokemon GO.

What Is Niantic’s Position on This Issue?

Niantic commented on the issue in an interview with Eurogamer, where Ed Wu, Niantic’s Pokemon GO VP, stated that the change is “necessary for the long-term health of the overall game.”

He also mentioned that they never intended Remote Raids to dominate the experience as it has in recent years.

Taking this into account, it is uncertain how effective this petition is going to be in changing Niantic’s mind on the matter.

Pokemon GO Fans Blast Social Media With Complaints

A Reddit user also commented that paying for the passes does not guarantee that you can catch the Pokemon. This could also discourage players from continuing to participate in raids altogether.

A few comments on the petition also note their disappointment in Niantic and the changes they’ve announced recently.

This petition isn’t the only place players have decided to protest Pokemon GO. One Redditor also noted that they would protest in their own way by no longer spending money on the platform.

Lastly, some gamers have vaulted into social media, expressing their discontent on how these new Pokemon GO Remote Raids changes are going to impact the way they play the game.

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