These are all of the different Pokemon that will be spawning in the wild throughout the 2022 Psychic Spectacular event!

Pokemon GO events shake up almost everything in the game from Research to the Pokemon spawning in the wild. Of course, the 2022 Psychic Spectacular has done just that.

From September 6 until the 2022 Psychic Spectacular event ends, Pokemon trainers will be able to encounter plenty of different Psychic-type Pokemon out in the wild.

Plus, if they are lucky, they will also be able to encounter the new shiny form of Elgyem. This has made its Pokemon GO debut as part of the Psychic Spectacular.

Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular

Here is every Pokemon that you will be able to find in the wild during the Psychic Spectacular event as well as if they have a shiny form available to find!

Before you set off on your Pokemon-catching adventure, find out the chances of catching shiny Pokemon in our shiny odds guide. This also includes some handy tips on how to catch more shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO!

All Wild Pokemon Spawns in the Pokemon GO 2022 Psychic Spectacular Event

There are 13 different Psychic-type Pokemon that you will be able to catch while out adventuring during the Psychic Spectacular. They are:

ImagePokemonCan it be Shiny?
Abra Pokemon GOAbra Yes
Slowpoke Pokemon GOSlowpokeYes
Drowzee Pokemon GODrowzeeYes
Natu Pokemon GONatuYes
Ralts Pokemon GORaltsYes
Spoink Pokemon GOSpoink Yes
Munna Pokemon GOMunnaYes
Woobat Pokemon GOWoobatYes
Gothita Pokemon GOGothitaNo
Solosis Pokemon GOSolosisNo
Elgyem Pokemon GOElgyemYes
Kadabra Pokemon GOKadabraNo
Kirlia Pokemon GOKirliaNo

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Now that you know which Pokemon you can be able to encounter in the wild during the event, you’ll want to know all of the Raid battles you can take part in. Find out all of the great Pokemon in Raids during the Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular!

In other news, there’s another Psychic-type Pokemon that isn’t in the wild that every Pokemon trainer will want to catch. Find out how to complete the A Cosmic Companion Seasonal Research and get Cosmog!

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