The 2022 Psychic Spectacular event in Pokemon GO has new Field Research Tasks for players to complete – here’s what they are and the reward Pokemon encounters you’ll get for completing them!

Apart from catching Pokemon, completing Research Tasks is what players spend most of their time doing in Pokemon GO.

Field Research Tasks are small objectives Pokemon trainers can get from spinning PokeStops and with every new event, a number of limited-time Field Research Tasks are released for players to complete.

Spinning PokeStops before the end of the 2022 Psychic Spectacular event can give players event-themed Field Research Tasks. Finishing these give encounters with Psychic-type Pokemon as rewards.

Pokemon GO Pokestop

These limited-time Field Research Tasks won’t be around for long so make sure to earn some Psychic-type reward encounters while you can.

Before you go out spinning PokeStops though, find out all of the wild Pokemon spawning during the Psychic Spectacular!

All Field Research Tasks & Pokemon Encounter Rewards in the 2022 Psychic Spectacular Event

Completing event Field Research Tasks found by spinning PokeStops during the Psychic Spectacular will give players an encounter with Baltoy, Chimecho, Elgyem, or Hypno.

Which one of these Pokemon you encounter depends on which one of the Field Research Tasks you complete.

These are all of the Field Research Tasks during the 2022 Psychic Spectacular:

Field Research TaskPokemonImageCan it be Shiny?
Spin 5 PokeStops or GymsBaltoyBaltoy Pokemon GOYes
Make 5 Curveball Throws in a rowChimechoChimecho Pokemon GOYes
Make 5 Curveball ThrowsElgyemElgyem Pokemon GOYes
Spin 15 PokeStops or GymsHypnoHypno Pokemon GONo

Once you have completed some of these tasks, you’ll have some Pokemon to evolve and power up. Here’s how to earn more Candy in Pokemon GO to speed up the process.

Additionally, there are plenty more Psychic Pokemon to get during the event. You’ll definitely want to find out all of the Pokemon in Raids during the Psychic Spectacular event.

What’s more, there is a new event Egg to collect and hatch. Here is every Pokemon you can hatch from 7km Psychic Spectacular Eggs.

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