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Pokemon GO Fans Protest New Event Box – No Remote Raid Passes

Pokemon GO players are not happy with developer Niantic over the changes to the weekly Event Box.

It’s official, Niantic’s time of giving out cheap Remote Raid Passes has come to an end. Previously, it was possible to spend a single Poke Coin each week for the chance to enter Raid Battles from a distance.

Now, as the new Event Boxes go live on Monday, players are protesting the developer’s decision once again.

Some fans are so unhappy with Niantic’s recent changes that they’re boycotting Pokemon GO Fest 2022.

Pokemon GO Research

After all, Pokemon GO just made Remote Raid Passes harder to get AND raised the prices of the item in the store. Now, many players are at their breaking points.

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Pokemon GO Event Box Changes Are Unpopular

The new Pokemon GO weekly Event Box no longer has Remote Raid Passes in it, and fans have some choice words for Niantic.

Today’s Event Box contains 20 Poke Balls, 10 Great Balls, 3 Poffins, and 5 Pinap Berries. But what it’s lacking is the ability to do a raid without leaving your home during uncertain times.

And it’s certainly coincidental to see the best Legendary and Mega Raids yet coming in June 2022. Just as Pokemon GO removes the ability to get easy Remote Raid Passes, Mewtwo is back with 2 different movesets this month!

“Given everyone gets walk bonuses today this feels like stuff people will just throw away,” Reddit user pgogy writes. “I’m not sure it’s worth a coin”

Pokemon GO Event Box

It’s true enough that the Poffin is the only rare item in this week’s box. But while it’s definitely worth the cost, a lot of fans may pass up this box out of principle.

Last week, fans were at least given a number of Super Egg Incubators, which definitely softened the blow from losing Raid Passes. This time, things are a little different.

After all, you can get better items as part of Amazon Prime’s free Pokemon GO rewards!

But after over a week of Pokemon GO fans begging Niantic to listen to their concerns, nothing is coming from the protests.

And even this month’s Spotlight Hour schedule is a disappointing reveal!

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