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Pokemon GO Players Want Niantic To Remove Region-Specific Pokemon

Pokemon GO players have finally had enough of globe-trotting for the game and want Niantic to remove Region-Specific Pokemon!

Pokemon GO players want to catch ’em all but completing the Pokedex is not easy. In fact, it’s borderline impossible right now!

Even if Pokemon GO adds new Pokemon to the game all of the time, including in the upcoming Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event, this isn’t what is causing the outrage.

Of course, anyone who has played Pokemon GO will know how frustrating it is that there are Pokemon that only spawn in specific parts of the world.

Pokemon GO Solrock Lunatone

This has caused many Pokemon GO players to ask developer Niantic to remove region-specific Pokemon from the game entirely!

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Fan Want No More Regional Exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Some of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO are so hard to get because they can only be caught in particular parts of the world and players are fed up with it.

A popular new post on the Pokemon GO subreddit asks Niantic to remove region-specific Pokemon from the game entirely and calls the system an “archaic mechanic”.

As dozens of Pokemon can only spawn in specific parts of the world, many Pokemon GO players have to travel across the globe to catch them if they want to complete their Pokedex.

There have been a few events where the region-specific Pokemon appear in different locations than usual. However, this is a very rare occurrence and some Pokemon have still never appeared outside of their regional spawn area.

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Pokemon GO Tropius

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Reddit post asking for them to be removed has over 1000 upvotes so far. After all, what’s the point of playing if you can’t catch ’em all without spending a fortune traveling the world?

The Pokedex will be even more difficult to complete soon, as a massive leak has revealed 50 new Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO! Let’s hope that none of these are exclusive to a particular region!

Hopefully, Niantic listens to the fans and makes the region-specific Pokemon more readily available. However, Pokemon GO fans have been begging Niantic to listen to feedback for ages now!

In other news, there’s plenty to look forward to in Pokemon GO for the rest of June:

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