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Pokemon GO Players Report Lag & Freezing During TCG Event

The Pokemon GO TCG event is finally here but many players are reporting lag spikes and freezing since it arrived!

Pokemon GO players are always looking forward to the new in-game events. However, there’s been a problem with the latest one.

While fans are happy with all of the new content in the Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event, many haven’t been able to experience what the event has to offer.

Unfortunately, it looks like there have been some significant server issues in Pokemon GO over the last day or so and players aren’t happy!

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Pokemon GO TCG Crossover Event Start Date, New Pokemon & More

Pokemon GO Lag, Freezing & Crashing Issues – June 2022

Pokemon trainers have already had to deal with the Pokemon GO infinite loading screen glitch recently. However, the server issues have seemingly gotten even worse.

A popular new post on the Pokemon GO community subreddit r/TheSilphRodd complains that the game has been lagging for the whole first day of the TCG event.

Many players experienced general lag in Pokemon GO on June 16, however that was just the start of the problems.

Additionally, many experienced network failures, game crashes, and freezing when taking part in Raids and Gym Battles. But why were the servers struggling so much?

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pokemon go mewtwo

Players believe that the reason behind these server issues is the long-awaited return of Mewtwo to Raids in Pokemon GO. As it was the first day since the Legendary ‘Mon came back, players were scrambling to catch it.

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Hopefully, the Pokemon GO servers will fare slightly better and there will be less lag as the Mewtwo Raid hype dies down a bit!

Meanwhile, a huge new Pokemon GO leak has revealed 50 upcoming Pokemon. These could all arrive during the Season of GO!

Finally, here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO TCG Crossover Event:

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