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Pokemon GO Players Plan GO Fest 2022 Boycott

Pokemon GO players are thinking about a boycott for the upcoming 2022 Pokemon GO Fest! Here’s why some fans will entirely skip the event!

Every Pokemon GO fan looks forward to upcoming in-game events and they don’t come any bigger than GO Fest. This yearly event is always the highlight of the Pokemon GO calendar!

With the 2022 Pokemon GO Fest dates fast approaching, plenty of fans are getting increasingly excited about the event. However, some players have decided to boycott GO Fest in protest.

This is despite the new shiny Pokemon and Land Forme Shaymin debuting during GO Fest!

Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Boycotting Pokemon GO Fest is certainly a drastic move for any Pokemon trainer, although they have their reasons for it.

But why are so many Pokemon GO fans planning to boycott GO Fest 2022 and miss out on the limited-time Shaymin costume Pikachu?

Pokemon GO Fans Are Skipping GO Fest 2022 in Protest of Developer Niantic

A number of new posts on the Pokemon GO subreddit are urging players to boycott Pokemon GO Fest 2022. This is following the announcement that Remote Raid Passes will now be much harder to get!

One of the popular posts by Redditor u/Creepy_Amoeba5596 cites the Remote Raid Pass changes as the main reason behind the proposed boycott.

UPDATE: This post has now been deleted.

They also accuse developer Niantic of “making the game increasingly hard to enjoy without spending money” and plenty of players agree. This is to do with the increased Remote Raid Pass price as well as the costly $15 GO Fest 2022 tickets.

However, this isn’t the only post asking for a Pokemon GO Fest 2022 boycott…

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Pokemon GO

Additionally, another of many players asking for a boycott, Redditor u/The_All_Knowing_Derp cites even more Pokemon GO issues and Niantic not listening to fans behind the decision to call others to skip the event.

These are all of the major problems with Pokemon GO right now!

Hopefully, Niantic will being to listen to fans more and revert the unpopular changes it has recently made. At the very least, fans will expect some kind of compromise to convince them to not go ahead with the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 boycott!

It’s not all bad news for Pokemon GO players though. New Pokemon GO Buddy and Egg Widgets make keeping track of the game so much easier!

What’s more, there are new Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for Pokemon GO. This is great for Prime gaming members who want some extra goodies!

Finally, here’s everything you need to know about the Alola to Alola event. This sounds like the perfect sendoff for the Season of Alola!

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