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Pokemon GO Players Have Login Error When Using Google Account

Players using their Google login to sign in to Pokemon GO are getting errors and having trouble starting up the game!

As Pokemon GO uses your real-world location to let you track down and catch Pokemon, you always need to be online to play it.

Of course, this causes issues when players have poor signal, but there’s not much you can do about that. However, even when the internet connection is alright, many players are struggling to sign in and play Pokemon GO!

Unfortunately, a login error is affecting a significant portion of Pokemon GO players.

This is just the latest issue after players experienced game-breaking lag and freezing in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO ‘Failed to Log in’ Error is Still Frustrating Players

A stuck loading bar glitch has stopped Pokemon GO players from signing in a while ago and it looks like the issue has returned. However, it seems to be affecting one group of players, in particular, this time.

Many Pokemon trainers who use their Google account to play Pokemon GO have had issues signing in recently.

Apparently, while Pokemon GO is signing players in, the loading bar will stop halfway and a ‘failed to log in’ error message will pop up. It then will prompt players to login using Google again.

While this sometimes works, some players have has this issue repeatedly. Luckily, there is a workaround that has helped players get into the game following this issue.

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Pokemon GO Login Error

How to Fix Pokemon GO Login Error

While there isn’t a total fix for these problems, many players have found that restarting the app will usually work.

If you exit Pokemon GO and close it, booting the game up again should hopefully resolve the login issue and let you sign in to the game. If it doesn’t work on the first attempt, trying a couple more times should do the trick.

Hopefully, Pokemon GO developer Niantic finds the cause of this login error and fixes it soon. Otherwise, players will have to continue rebooting the game every time this issue arises.

While it seems like Niantic is working on free Pokecoin quests in Pokemon GO, we don’t know whether login and connectivity issues are on the developer’s radar at the moment.

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