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Pokemon GO Players Get Rare Candy XL From Raids

Many Pokemon GO players are reporting that you can earn Rare Candy XL from Raids now, but is it just a bug?

Anyone who has played Pokemon GO knows it is all about catching ’em all. However, you can only add some Pokemon to your Pokedex by evolving them.

Each Pokemon has a specific type of Candy you can earn by catching and transferring the ‘Mon and you’ll need a significant amount to evolve it to its final form. Although, there is also rare candy that can be used to evolve any Pokemon, and XL Candy which can power up Pokemon from level 40 to 50.

Luckily, the most powerful candy in all of Pokemon GO, Rare Candy XL seems to be more common now as players have been getting it from a surprising source!

Here’s everything you need to know to potentially find some more Rare Candy XL!

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Flying Pikachu in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Players Get Rare XL Candy From Raids

Pokemon GO Players are now reportedly earning Rare Candy XL from Raids, and it’s more common than you’d think!

The new monthly blog post for Pokemon GO included details of all of the May Spotlight Hours as well as information about Shaymin in Pokemon GO Fest 2022. However, it didn’t mention anything about Rare Candy XL.

Despite this, many players on the Pokemon subreddit are reporting that they have earned Rare Candy XLfrom beating Raids since the latest update.

This could be part of the new Pokemon GO Air Adventures event but it wasn’t in the blog post.

Pokemon GO Rare Candy XL

As it is not known whether this is intentional or not so there’s a possibility of this being fixed soon. Therefore, we suggest you get raiding using the best Pokemon GO Raid team as soon as you can!

Check out our latest Pokemon GO guides to easily beat these Raids and earn Rare Candy XL:

In other news, Niantic has announced that the spotlight Pokemon for May’s Community Day is Alolan Geodude! This will be perfect for everyone who is after a shiny version of this fan-favorite ‘Mon.

Also, there’s a new cup in the Battle League. Find out the best Flying Cup Battle Team in Pokemon GO!

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