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Pokemon GO Players Disappointed By Starly July Community Day

Niantic has announced that the Pokemon in the spotlight for July’s Community Day is Starly and it’s fair to say Pokemon GO fans are underwhelmed!

Pokemon GO fans are always looking forward to the next Community Day as they are the best chance to catch and evolve that particular Pokemon in the spotlight.

What’s more, fans have loved the featured Pokemon recently. First, it was Stufful Community Day in May, and then the Deino Community Day at the end of June.

However, fans maybe shouldn’t have got their hopes up so high for the next one…

Starly Pokemon GO

Now that Niantic has announced that it will be Starly featured in the July Community Day, many fans aren’t excited about the event already. Here’s what they have to say.

But first, find out everything you need to know about Starly Community Day in Pokemon GO!

Negative Pokemon GO Player Reaction to Starly Community Day Announcement

Pokemon GO fans have been begging Niantic to listen to them recently, but it looks like their suggestions are falling on deaf ears.

In addition to the outrage about Remote Raid Passes becoming harder to get and calls for the developer to remove region-specific Pokemon from Pokemon GO, players are now upset about the choice of Pokemon for the July Community Day.

Pokemon GO fans on the game’s subreddit have been complaining about the Starly Community Day straight after the announcement.

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Pokemon GO Starly

While some players have been very direct about their disappointment, others have at least seen the funny side of making such a common Pokemon the star of a Community Day.

Additionally, other players have shared memes about how they think that nobody will be taking part in the Community Day. After all, what’s the need of taking part if players already catch Starly so often?

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Although, there are a few players who are excited about this community Day. The main reason behind this is that shiny Starly will be making its Pokemon GO debut!

What are your thoughts on the July Starly Community Day in Pokemon GO? Even if it might seem a bit underwhelming, let’s hope everyone who takes part enjoys it!

In other news, leaks have revealed a load of new upcoming Pokemon:

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