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Pokemon GO Players Call New Weekly Event Box Offerings Worthless

Pokemon GO recently made changes to its weekly event box content, and this week’s offering could be the worst yet.

Recently, players have had more than their fair share of complaints about the ever-popular Pokemon GO. Over the last few months, developer Niantic has made a few changes to the game that are proving controversial to say the least.

Most recently, Pokemon GO players were upset at the Deino Community Day – see why here! And since Community Days as a whole now last all of 3 hours, they’re preventing a lot of fans from even taking part.

But what’s particularly frustrating is Niantic’s new stance on Remote Raiding. First introduced to keep people playing during tough times, Remote Raid Passes allow trainers to take part in raids without having to be close to the gym in question.

Pokemon GO Event Box

But recently Niantic has begun raising the price of Remote Raid Passes in-game, and making them harder to obtain. Meanwhile, its weekly free offerings just keep getting worse.

Thankfully, at least one recent event had Pokemon GO players happy.

Pokemon GO Event Boxes Are Getting Worse – No Remote Raid Passes

For the last few weeks, we’ve been dealing with Pokemon GO event boxes removing Remote Raid Passes and steadily getting worse. Now, this week’s offering could be our worst one yet.

It used to be that redeeming the 1 PokeCoin Event Box would give you a Remote Raid Pass, capable of catching that week’s most popular Pokemon.

But while Mewtwo finally returned to Raid Battles recently, Niantic is ensuring that nobody gets a free shot at the Legendary ‘mon.

This week’s Event Box contains just 10 Ultra Balls, 5 Hyper Potions, and a Charged TM. And while this is still worth the 1 PokeCoin entry fee, it’s got players angrier than ever – at least previous boxes had rare items in place of the Remote Raid Passes!

Pokemon GO Event Box June

“Looks like they are trying to phase out the 1 coin box all together,” Reddit user Wide-Information-708 writes. “If they keep offering worthless stuff in it players won’t notice when they take it away completely.”

Recently some Pokemon GO fans even orchestrated a GO Fest 2022 boycott to try and get Niantic to listen to their complaints. But while the developer is yet to acknowledge the issue, it continues to reduce Event Box offerings.

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And it seems that Galarian Legendary Birds (& Cowboy Snorlax) could be next up for adding to Pokemon GO!

And Pokemon GO players are also calling for a return to greatness for Research Breakthrough rewards.

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