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Pokemon GO Pikipek Spotlight Hour: Date, Time & Is There Shiny Pikipek?

The final Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour for May 2022 features Pikipek. Here are all of the details you need to know including whether you can catch a shiny Pikipek!

Spotlight Hours might be short, but they are the best opportunity to catch and evolve the featured Pokemon. This is because the Pokemon in the Spotlight will be spawning way more often for just 60 minutes.

Out of all of the Pokemon GO Spotlight hours in May 2022, the final one might be the best. This is because it features Pikipek, a ‘Mon that made its GO debut pretty recently.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pikipek Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO!

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Pokemon GO Pikipek Spotlight Hour Date & Time

The Pikipek Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO will begin at 6 PM local time on May 31. It will last 60 minutes, ending at 7 PM local time.

Pikipek will spawn much more often during this hour. This means it’s the best time to find a perfect version of the Pokemon to evolve into Toucannon.

Although, you’ll want to know how to get some Elite Fast & Charged TMs before you take your Toucannon into the Battle League!

Additionally, the bonus for Pikipek Spotlight Hour is 2x Catch XP. Therefore, you might want to use a Lucky Egg to maximize the XP you gain.

However, there’s one more question that players are asking. Can Pikipek be shiny in the May 31 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour?

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Pokemon GO Pikipek

Can Pikipek Be Shiny?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to catch a shiny version of Pikipek during the May 31 Spotlight Hour. This is because shiny Pikipek is not in Pokemon GO yet.

However, all of you shiny hunters will be excited to find out all of the new shiny Pokemon coming in Pokemon GO Fest 2022!

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