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Pokemon GO Pidove Spotlight Hour: Date, Bonus, & Is There Shiny Pidove?

Find out everything you need to know about Pidove in the upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour, including when it takes place as well as the bonus.

Each week, Niantic features one Pokemon in an event known as Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO.

These Spotlight Hours mean that the featured ‘Mon will spawn more frequently. And, players can get an added bonus during the event.

The fifth Spotlight Hour of August 2022 puts the spotlight on none other than Pidove, and here’s all you need to know before the event starts!

But before we go, make sure to check out our ultimate Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour guide! This will give you all of the information you need to know about this event.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour August Pidove

Pokemon GO Pidove Spotlight Hour Date & Time

Pidove’s Spotlight Hour is taking place in Pokemon GO on August 30 between 6 PM and 7 PM local time.

For the entire hour, trainers will find Pidove frequently spawning in the wild. This is a great time to add Pidove to your Pokedex if you haven’t caught one already, or to get extra candy for evolutions!

It’s worth using Pokemon GO’s new IV search filter during the event to know which Pidove to transfer and which to evolve!

August 30 Spotlight Hour Bonus

The bonus for the Pidove Spotlight Hour is 2x Evolve XP.

This means evolving any Pokemon during the event will get you to higher levels even faster! So, if you’ve been waiting to evolve any of your ‘Mon, this will be the perfect time.

And you’ll have plenty of Pidove candy to evolve the featured ‘Mon into Tranquill. And then you can evolve Tranquill into Unfezant.

Pokemon GO Pidove Spotlight Hour Bonus Evolutions

However, the bonus will only last for the duration of the event, so make sure to evolve Pokemon during the time slot.

Can you Catch Shiny Pidove in Pokemon GO?

There is a shiny variant of Pidove that players can get in Pokemon GO, meaning trainers will be able to catch one during the Spotlight Hour.

Pidove’s shiny variant doesn’t make any major changes, changing the black parts on the wings and beak to a dark blue.

You should read our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out your chances of catching a shiny during the Spotlight Hour!

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Is there a Shiny Pidove

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