Party Play is Pokemon GO’s latest feature, and it allows you to play with a group of friends while adventuring!

One of the most highly-requested features from Pokemon GO fans has been the ability to play with friends outside of Raids and battling. Fortunately, that has finally arrived with the addition of Party Play.

We’ve got a full rundown of how Party Play works, as well as answers to any questions you might have about the new feature!

What is Party Play in Pokemon GO?

Party Play is a new feature in Pokemon GO that allows you to play in a group of up to 4 Pokemon trainers.

As part of a Party, you can explore, complete Party Challenges, and battle in Raids with your friends in one shared in-game experience.

Party Play can only be used for in-game friends who are in the same location. You can’t use Party Play remotely.

Pokemon GO Party Teaser

Who Can Use Party Play?

Any Pokemon trainer who is level 15 or above can use the Party Play feature in Pokemon GO to join an in-game friend’s Party.

Don’t worry if you haven’t made it to level 15 yet – it won’t take long to reach this level!

How Many Players Can Join a Pokemon GO Party?

A maximum of 4 players can join a Pokemon GO Party.

While you’ll want your Party to have the maximum of 4 trainers to make the most of the benefits, you can also have a Party of 2 or 3 players.

Pokemon GO Party 4 Player

How to Host a Pokemon GO Party

  1. Go to your Pokemon GO trainer profile
    • This can be done by tapping your avatar’s face in the bottom left of the screen
  2. Press the Party tab
    • This is in the top right of your profile, next to the Friends tab
  3. Tap the Create button
  4. You will get a numerical code and a QR code, which you can share with your friends
    • Either of these codes will allow your in-game friends to join your Party
    • Friends must be near the Party host to join
  5. Once all of your friends have joined, press the Start button
    • This will begin the Party
Pokemon GO Host a Party

How to Join a Pokemon GO Party

  1. Get a nearby friend to set up a Pokemon GO Party
  2. Head to your in-game trainer profile
    • You can get here by tapping your avatar’s face in the bottom left of the screen
  3. Press the Party tab
    • This is found in the top right of your trainer profile
  4. Tap the Join Party button
  5. Join the Party by scanning the host’s QR code with your camera by entering a numerical code
  6. Wait for the host to press the Start button to begin the Party!
Pokemon GO Join a Party

What are Party Challenges?

Party Challenges are small tasks, similar to Field Research, that a Pokemon GO Party can complete together to earn rewards. Party Challenges require players to complete small missions such as catching Pokemon, spinning PokeStops or battling in Raids.

Each player within a Party can help progress Party Challenges, and every player within a Party earns the reward once a Party Challenge is completed.

When you first start a Pokemon GO Party, you will be able to select one of three Party Challenges to take on.

Pokemon GO Party Challenges

What is Party Power?

Party Power is an ability that can be used when battling in Raids as part of a Party. Using it doubles the damage of your next charged attack.

To activate Party Power, you need to tap the blue button in the bottom left of the screen.

Party Power charges up with every fast attack your Party makes when battling in a Raid. Therefore, the more players you have in a Party, the faster your Party Power will charge up.

Party Power Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Party Activity Summary

While you are in a Pokemon GO Party, you can check your Activity Summary within the Party tab.

This displays information such as the number of Pokemon caught, distance explored, throws made, and Raids won. This is divided into the following categories:

  • Pokemon
  • Throws
  • Adventure
  • Battle
  • General
Pokemon GO Party Activity Summary

After finishing a Pokemon GO Party, you will also get a personalized visual recap featuring a statistic and all of the trainers you played with!

Pokemon GO Party Play Visual Recap

Pokemon GO Party Play Timed Limit

Currently, the time limit for Pokemon GO Party Play is 1 hour.

However, if your Party ends, but you want to continue playing with the same friends, you can just start up another Party!

You can watch the trailer for the Party Play feature below:

To find out more about Party Play in Pokemon GO, check out the Pokemon GO Blog post on the new feature.

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