Pokemon GO’s latest event, Out to Play, encourages players to get outside. Here’s a full rundown of everything to expect!

The Out to Play event in Pokemon GO celebrates the Routes feature that came to the game a couple of months ago. Niantic is improving Route availability and adding some quality-of-life improvements with Routes and Zygarde Cells with the Out to Play event.

Additionally, there is the debut of Hisuian Growlithe, some great event bonuses, fresh wild Pokemon spawns, and new Research to look forward to in Out to Play!

Pokemon GO Out to Play Event Date & Time

The Pokemon GO Out to Play event starts at 10 AM local time on September 27 and ends at 8 PM local time on October 2, 2023.

This gives players plenty of time to catch all of the wild Pokemon and complete the new event Research.

  • Event Start:
  • Event End:

Out to Play Event Bonuses

The following in-game bonuses will be active throughout the whole of the Out to Play event:

  • Kecleon will be appearing more frequently at PokeStops
  • 3x XP for completing a Route
  • Earn Buddy Candy faster while exploring Routes with your buddy
Pokemon GO Kecleon Debut

Out to Play Wild Pokemon Spawns

All of these Pokemon will be spawning in the wild throughout the Out to Play event:

PokemonStandard Shiny
PsyduckShiny Psyduck Pokemon GO
GrowlitheGrowlithe Pokemon GOShiny Growlithe Pokemon GO
OnixOnix Pokemon GOShiny Onix Pokemon GO
EeveeEevee Pokemon GOShiny Eevee Pokemon GO
Feebasfeebas Pokemon GOShiny Feebas Pokemon GO
WoobatWoobat Pokemon GOShiny Woobat Pokemon GO
PawmiNot Available
ArcanineArcanine Pokemon GONot Available
in the wild

Hisuian Growlithe in 2km & 7km Eggs

Any 2km or 7km Egg you pick up during the Out to Play event will have the Hisuian version of Growlithe in the Egg pool, in addition to all of the other possible hatches.

This is excellent news for players who want to get the brand-new shiny version of Hisuian Growlithe!

Hisuian Growlithe in Pokemon GO

New Research in the Out to Play Event

The Pokemon GO Out to Play event is introducing plenty of new Research for players to complete:

  • Out to Play Timed Research
  • New Field Research Tasks to earn encounters with Hisuian Pokemon
  • Tails of Adventure Paid Timed Research

The Timed Research and Field Research Tasks will be available for all players, free of charge.

Meanwhile, the Tails of Adventure Paid Timed Research costs $2 (or local currency equivalent) and can be purchased from the in-game shop.

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