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Pokemon GO: New Rotom Form Revealed in Datamine

A datamine has revealed that Rotom will be returning to Pokemon GO very soon – and a new Rotom form will be making its debut in the game!

Every trainer in Pokemon GO wants to complete their Pokedex, but this is no easy task.

Not only does Niantic keep adding new Pokemon to Pokemon GO, but there are also plenty of older Pokemon that are extremely hard to catch.

One of the rarest Pokemon in all of Pokemon GO is Rotom. It has only ever appeared once in the game before and hasn’t returned since – this was when Wash Rotom made its debut as a snapshot photobomb in GO Fest 2020.

However, it looks like Rotom will be making its second-ever Pokemon GO appearance very soon, according to a datamine. What’s more, it will be a new form of Rotom that has never been seen before in Pokemon GO!

Also, an ultra-rare shiny Pokemon will be returning soon too. Here’s how to catch shiny Meltan in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon Mow Rotom
The Pokemon Company

Mow Rotom is Coming to Pokemon GO Soon

A recent Pokemon GO datamine revealed plenty of new upcoming Pokemon in Pokemon GO and now it has uncovered Rotom’s long-awaited return!

PokeMiners has found a new photobomb asset in the Pokemon GO files. This photobomb image shows Mow Rotom!

Therefore, it seems likely that the lawnmower-like Electric/Grass-type Pokemon will be appearing in Pokemon GO soon.

The most likely debut time will be during one of the upcoming Berlin and Seattle Pokemon GO Fests!

Let’s hope for an official Mow Rotom Pokemon GO announcement from Niantic soon. Although, until then, make sure you know how to catch Wimpod and Golisopod in Pokemon GO – these are the next two new Pokemon arriving soon!

Also, be sure to check out what Mow Rotom will look like in Pokemon GO below.

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