Pokemon GO Season 9: Mythical Wishes is finally here and there’s plenty of new content coming to the game!

Every few months, a new Pokemon GO season arrives and it shakes up the game for all Pokemon trainers.

In addition to new wild Pokemon spawns, there are also new seasonal bonuses for players to enjoy. And that isn’t even counting the updated GO Battle League schedule and refreshed Egg hatches too!

Pokemon GO Season 9: Mythical Wishes Dates

Start Date

Pokemon GO’s 9th season, Mythical Wishes, begins on December 1, 2022 at 10 AM local time.

Of course, this also means that this is the time when the Season of Light ends and new wild Pokemon spawns, bonuses, and more are introduced to the game.

End Date

Pokemon GO Season 9: Mythical Wishes will end on March 1, 2023, at 10 AM local time.

Therefore, it will last 3 whole months just as previous Pokemon GO events have. This gives players plenty of time to experience everything the season has to offer!

Pokemon GO Season 9 Mythical Wishes

Pokemon GO Mythical Wishes Season Bonuses

Two Pokemon GO bonuses – guaranteed gifts from PokeStop spins and increased Incense effectiveness while moving – are now permanently in effect as of the Mythical Wishes season.

Additionally, there are 5 more bonuses that will only be active for the duration of Season 9: Mythical Wishes:

  • Pokemon participating in remote Raids do increased damage
  • Trainers level 31 or above get 1 guaranteed XL Candy for trades
  • Trainers receive 1 additional Candy for every trade
  • Trainers can open 40 Gifts every day
  • Trainers can send 125 Gifts every day

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Wild Pokemon in Pokemon GO Season 9: Mythical Wishes

Dozens of different Pokemon will be spawning in the wild during Season 9: Mythical Wishes.

Additionally, these spawns will be in different environmental areas that suit them. For instance, you may find Goldeen or Tirtouga in the Water and Pidgey in cities.


PokemonImageShiny Encounter Possible?
PidgeyPidgey Pokemon GOYes
MeowthMeowth Pokemon GOYes
Alolan GrimerAlolan Grimer Pokemon GOYes
GranbullGranbull Pokemon GONo
GulpinGulpin Pokemon GONo
PatratPatrat Pokemon GOYes
LillipupLillipup Pokemon GOYes


PokemonImageShiny Encounter Possible?
VenonatVenonat Pokemon GOYes
VictreebellVictreebell Pokemon GONo
ScytherPokemon GO ScytherYes
Burmy (Trash)Burmy (Trash) Pokemon GOYes
CottoneeCottonee Pokemon GOYes
FomantisFomantis Pokemon GONo
MorelullMorelull Pokemon GONo


PokemonImageShiny Encounter Possible?
PonytaPonyta Pokemon GOYes
RhydonRhydon Pokemon GONo
PupitarPupitar Pokemon GONo
MakuhitaMakuhita Pokemon GOYes
DrilburDrilbur Pokemon GONo
ArchenArchen Pokemon GOYes
RuffletRufflet Pokemon GOYes

Beach & Water

PokemonImageShiny Encounter Possible?
PoliwhirlPoliwhirl Pokemon GONo
GoldeenGoldeen Pokemon GOYes
VaporeonVaporeon Pokemon GONo
ClamperlClamperl Pokemon GOYes
TirtougaTirtouga Pokemon GOYes
InkayInkay Pokemon GOYes
MareanieMareanie Pokemon GONo

Northern Hemisphere

PokemonImageShiny Encounter Possible?
SpinarakSpinarak Pokemon GOYes
Castform (Snowy)Castform Snowy Pokemon GOYes
BeldumPokemon GO BeldumYes
TurtwigTurtwig Pokemon GOYes
ChimcharChimchar Pokemon GOYes
PiplupPiplup Pokemon GOYes
PidovePidove Pokemon GOYes

Southern Hemisphere

PokemonImageShiny Encounter Possible?
LedybaLedyba Pokemon GOYes
TreeckoTreecko Pokemon GOYes
TorchicTorchic Pokemon GOYes
MudkipPokemon GO MudkipYes
Castform (Sunny)Castform Sunny Pokemon GOYes
StarlyStarly Pokemon GOYes
GibleGible Pokemon GOYes

To make sure you catch as many of these Pokemon as possible, find out how to get more Lure Modules in Pokemon GO.

Also, don’t forget to use your Daily Adventure Incense to bring the Pokemon to you while you are walking!

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