Here’s everything you need to know about the Mythic Blade event in Pokemon GO, including the dates, new Pokemon debuts, Raid bosses, and more!

Every Pokemon GO event introduced plenty of new content to the game, and Mythic Blade looks particularly exciting.

Not only are 3 new Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO, but there is plenty more for players to do while this event is running.

Pokemon GO Mythic Blade Event Start & End Date

The Pokemon GO Mythic Blade event will start at 10 AM local time on December 6, 2022.

The event will be active for six whole days until it ends on December 11 at 8 PM local time. This gives players plenty of time to experience everything that Mythic Blade has to offer!

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New Pokemon Debuts in Pokemon GO Mythic Blade Event

Three new Pokemon will be making their Pokemon GO debuts during the event. They are:

  • Keldeo
  • Crabrawler
  • Crabominable

Keldeo will be available exclusively through the Something Extraordinary Special Research. Meanwhile, players will be able to catch Crabrawler in the wild and evolve it into Crabominable.

Keldeo Pokemon GO Trailer

Every Pokemon in Raids During the Mythic Blade Event

All of the following Pokemon will be Raid bosses during the Mythic Blade event:

  • Tier 1 Raids
    • Meditite*
    • Buizel*
    • Timburr*
    • Tympole*
  • Tier 3 Raids
    • Poliwrath
    • Aerodactyl*
    • Skarmory*
    • Breloom
  • Tier 4 Mega Raids
    • Mega Aggron*
  • Tier 5 Ultra Beast Raids
    • Terrakion (Until December 8)
    • Virizion (December 8 – 15)

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Pokemon GO Virizion Raid Guide

All Wild Pokemon Spawns in the Mythic Blade Event

Players will be able to catch all of these Pokemon in the wild during the event:

  • Mankey*
  • Machop*
  • Hitmonlee*
  • Hitmonchan*
  • Hitmontop*
  • Combusken
  • Makuhita*
  • Meditite*
  • Monferno
  • Poliwrath
  • Crabrawler

Additionally, lucky players will be able to encounter and catch a shiny version of all of the Pokemon with a star next to their name.

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Pokemon GO Mankey Battle

Catch a Terrakion, Virizion, or Keldeo during the Mythic Blade event, and they will know the exclusive attack Sacred Sword.

This is a Fighting-type charged attack with 60 power in trainer battles and 55 power when battling in Gyms and Raids.

If you’ve missed out on this exclusive attack, find out how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO so you can teach your Pokemon any attack it can learn!

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