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Pokemon GO Mudkip Community Day Disappoints Fans

The Pokemon GO Mudkip Community Day Classic has been a major disappointment for fans of the game – many players didn’t even manage to catch a single shiny!

Community Days are some of the most exciting events for Pokemon GO players however, the latest one hasn’t gone down too well with fans.

The Mudkip Community Day Classic highlighted a fan-favorite Pokemon that isn’t too easy to find in the wild. However, many fans think it was nowhere near as good as it could have been.

Here’s why the latest Pokemon GO Community Day has left fans disappointed and with surprisingly few Mudkips!

At least there are a load of great Pokemon to hatch from 12km eggs though!

A Mudkip stands on a rock in a lovely lake. Above him is the Pokemon GO logo, below him is the Community Day logo.

Incense Update & Time Reduction Ruins Mudkip Community Day Classic in Pokemon GO

Players looking to add Swampert to the best Pokemon GO battling team for April 2022 were left disappointed after the latest Community Day!

A popular post on the Pokemon GO subreddit sums up why the Mudkip Community Day Classic was so underwhelming.

The fan who wrote the post claims to usually get 1-6 shinies on Community Days but didn’t even manage to get a single shiny Mudkip because of the recent changes to incense and the length of Community Days. They aren’t the only Pokemon fan to have experienced this either!

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Pokemon Go Mudkip

Firstly, the recent changes to incense have had a huge impact on the Pokemon GO Mudkip Community Day. Previously, incense would attract one Pokemon every minute, now it attracts just one ‘Mon every five minutes.

Additionally, the Mudkip Community Day Classic was just 3 hours long. This is another one of Niantic’s recent changes that fans dislike as they had previously been double the length!

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Both of these changes have combined to make a very disappointing Mudkip Community Day Classic for Pokemon GO fans. This is because the amount of Mudkips you could catch was especially low and, therefore, your chances of getting a shiny were massively reduced.

Hopefully, Niantic listens to fans and makes some major changes ahead of the Stufful Community Day!

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