Pokemon GO developer Niantic has finally revealed the release date for Mega Pinsir. Luckily, it will be coming to the game very soon!

There are currently over 30 Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO and are still plenty more to add in future updates. Following the recent additions of Mega Medicham and Mega Gardevoir, Pinsir will be the next Pokemon getting the Mega treatment!

Pokemon GO Mega Pinsir Release Date

The release date for Mega Pinsir in Pokemon GO is May 11, 2023. From 10 AM on that day until 10 AM local time on May 24, it will be the Tier 4 Mega Raid boss.

From May 11, 2023, onwards, players will also be able to evolve their Pinsir into Mega Pinsir. This is so long as they have enough Pinsir Mega Energy!

Of course, before you do this, you’ll want to check out our Pokemon GO Mega Evolution guide. This will tell you how to Mega Evolve Pokemon, as well as the bonuses you get for Mega Evolution, which become stronger with your Pokemon’s Mega Level increases.

Mega Pinsir Pokemon GO Pokededex

How to Get Mega Pinsir in Pokemon GO

The only way to get Mega Pinsir in Pokemon GO is by using Pinsir Mega Energy to Mega Evolve a Pinsir you already have. The exact amount of Pinsir Mega Energy required will likely be 200, but this is not yet confirmed.

Pokemon trainers will be able to earn Pinsir Mega Energy by winning Mega Pinsir Raids. Each successful Mega Pinsir Raid will reward 150-250 Pinsir Mega Energy.

This will certainly be worth doing as Mega Pinsir will likely become the strongest Bug-type Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Until then, though, Mega Scizor and Mega Beedrill will be very handy in any Raids where you want to use Bug-type Pokemon!

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