Here’s a complete guide on how to defeat Mega Pidgeot in Pokemon GO Raids including its weaknesses, resistances, and the best Pokemon to counter it.

Mega Pidgeot is back in Pokemon GO Raids for the first time since August 2021! This powerful Pokemon is one of the strongest Flying-types in the game, and an excellent teammate for any trainer.

To catch Mega Pidgeot, and get the all-important Pidgeot Mega Energy, trainers will need to first defeat it in a Raid battle. This means you have to take down this strong Mega Pokemon with other trainers.

Here’s our expert guide to defeating Mega Pidgeot in a Pokemon GO Raid!

How to Beat Mega Pidgeot in Pokemon GO – Full Raid Guide

To beat a Mega Pidgeot Raid in Pokemon GO, you’ll want to take this battle on with a couple of other trainers. This is because 4-star Raids are almost impossible to do on your own.

You’ll also need to take advantage of its type weaknesses and use some of the best Pokemon to counter Mega Pidgeot.

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Pokemon GO Mega Pidgeot

Mega Pidgeot Weaknesses

As a Normal/Flying type, Mega Pidgeot is only weak to 3 attack types. They are:

  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Rock

All of these attack types deal 160% damage against Mega Pidgeot, so these should help take down the Mega Pokemon quickly.

Mega Pidgeot Resistances

Mega Pidgeot resists damage from 4 different attack types. This is what they are and what percentage of the damage Mega Pidgeot will take from attacks of these types:

  • Bug (63%)
  • Grass (63%)
  • Ground (39%)
  • Ghost (39%)
Pokemon GO Mega Pidgeot Evolve

Best Counters For Mega Pidgeot Raids & Meta Moves

You’ll want to bring your strongest Electric, Ice, and Rock-type Pokemon to counter Mega Pidgeot. Here are our 6 favorites as well as the strongest attacks for each:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
ZekromPokemon GO ZekromCharge BeamWild Charge
RampardosPokemon GO RampardosSmack DownRock Slide
Therian Forme ThundurusPokemon GO Therian Forme ThundurusVolt SwitchThunderbolt
RhyperiorPokemon GO RhyperiorSmack DownRock Wrecker
RaikouPokemon GO RaikouThunder ShockWild Charge
MagnezonePokemon GO MagnezoneSparkWild Charge

After you’ve defeated Mega Pidgeot, there are still plenty more Mega Pokemon to beat. Here’s a list of every Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO right now!

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