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Pokemon GO: Mega Pidgeot Raid Guide – Best Counters, Weakness

Find out how to defeat and catch the newest Mega raid Pokemon, Mega Pidgeot: counters, weaknesses and more!

The new Pokemon GO raids are here, and Mega Pidgeot is available again for the first time since August 2021! This powerful Flying-type Pokemon is one of the strongest Flying-types in the game, and an excellent teammate for any trainer.

To catch Mega Pidgeot, trainers will need to first defeat it in a raid battle. This means you have to battle an incredibly strong Mega Pokemon with other trainers.

Once the Pokemon is defeated, its CP will drop to a lower level, and it will revert to its non-Mega form. Trainers will have the opportunity to catch it and earn some Mega Energy. This allows you to Mega Evolve your Pidgeot in Raid Battles.

We recommend stocking up on Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries, as Pidgeot is a difficult Pokemon to catch! It’s well worth it, though – it’s currently the second strongest Flying-type attacker in the game, only surpassed by Shadow Moltres!

If you’re in need of items to help with capturing, don’t forget to check out the Daily Free Box trick for some rare goodies!

Of course, in order to catch Mega Pidgeot, you need to be able to defeat it. Here’s our expert guide to defeating Mega Pidgeot in a raid!

Best Strategy To Defeat Mega Pidgeot Raid

As with all Mega raids, Mega Pidgeot is impossible to defeat with just one trainer. We recommend tackling Tapu Bulu with at least two other friends to ensure you don’t waste your raid passes.

While Mega Pidgeot is a difficult raid boss, we have everything you need to know in order to win the raid. Let’s GO!

A huge Mega Pidgeot hovers threateningly in the sky, ready to swoop down.

Mega Pidgeot Attacks

Mega Pidgeot is a powerful Normal/Flying type with high all-around stats. It can learn the following attacks that it battles with:

Mega Pidgeot Fast Attacks

  • Air Slash (Flying)
  • Steel Wing (Steel)

Mega Pidgeot Charged Attacks

  • Aerial Ace (Flying)
  • Brave Bird (Flying)
  • Feather Dance (Flying)
  • Hurricane (Flying)

As you can see, Mega Pidgeot can only use Flying and Steel-type attacks in battle. This means it can hit the following Pokemon for super-effective damage:

  • Bug
  • Fairy
  • Fighting
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Rock

Because Mega Pidgeot has a type advantage against the above types, it’s worth using Pokemon of other types in battle. Thankfully, it’s got weaknesses too – let’s dive into how to counter it!

Mega Pidgeot Weaknesses

Mega Pidgeot is a powerful Normal/Flying type with high all-around stats. It has the following weaknesses:

  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Rock

This means that when you take on Mega Pidgeot in battle, make sure to bring your strongest Electric, Ice, and Rock-type moves. If you’ve got any strong Pokemon of these types on your April team, now’s their time to shine!

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By comparing Mega Pidgeot’s attacks and weaknesses, we can conclude that it’s best to use Electric type counters in battle. This is because they resist both Flying and Steel-type moves, while also being able to hit Mega Pidgeot for super-effective damage.

A powerful Mega Pidgeot is glowing with energy, possibly charging up a Hurricane attack. It's engaged in battle with a Mega Sharpedo.

Top 10 Pokemon For Mega Pidgeot Raid

While these are not the only Pokemon that can be useful, here are the 10 best Pokemon to use in a Tapu Bulu raid. Make sure you equip them with powerful Poison-type moves!

  1. Mega Manectric
  2. Mega Ampharos
  3. Zekrom
  4. Thundurus (Therian Form)
  5. Raikou
  6. Zapdos
  7. Magnezone
  8. Luxray
  9. Electivire
  10. Alolan Golem
An Electivire, Thundurus Therian, Mega Manectric, Raikou, and Magnezone stand in front of a blurred yellow background. Perhaps they're getting ready to take down a Mega Pidgeot raid? (Graphic by AC Lavender)

Of course, these aren’t the only Pokemon that can defeat Mega Pidgeot. Other Electric-type Pokemon like Jolteon and Raichu are also great choices. Both Pikachu and Eevee are common spawns at the moment, giving some excellent options to take on Mega Pidgeot!

Make sure that all your Mega Pidgeot counters know Electric, Rock, or Ice-type moves. All of these will help you bring down Mega Pidgeot in no time.

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