To beat Mega Medicham in Pokemon GO, you will want to battle it with at least four high-level Pokemon trainers. This is because it is a Tier 4 Raid boss.

Additionally, every player in the battle should also be using strong counters to exploit Mega Medicham’s weaknesses.

Make sure to use the top tips to win Raids in Pokemon GO too. These should be helpful no matter which boss you fight!

What Type is Mega Medicham?

Mega Medicham is a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokemon.

This type combination means it has three weaknesses and two resistances, making it quite easy to counter.

Mega Medicham Pokemon GO Festival of Colors

Mega Medicham Weaknesses

Mega Medicham is weak to three different types of attacks in Pokemon GO. They are:

  • Fairy
  • Flying
  • Ghost

All of the types above deal 160% damage to Mega Medicham. This additional damage means that you should take Pokemon with powerful Fairy, Flying, and Ghost-type attacks into Raid battles against it!

Find out the most powerful Pokemon of each of these types so you can beat Mega Medicham with ease:

Mega Medicham Resistances

Mega Medicham resists incoming attacks of the following two types in Pokemon GO:

  • Fighting
  • Rock

Fighting-type and Rock-type attacks deal just 63% damage to Mega Medicham. Therefore, you should avoid using Pokemon with attacks of these types when battling it!

Mega Medicham Pokemon GO Pokedex

Best Pokemon to Counter Mega Medicham in Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Mega Medicham in Raids include Chandelure, Giratina, Lunala, and Hoopa.

If you want to use Mega Evolution to give all of your other Pokemon of the same type an attack bonus, then Mega Gengar, Mega Banette, and Mega Gardevoir are your best options.

These are the top 10 Pokemon to use when fighting Mega Medicham, as well as their strongest attacks for this Raid:

PokemonFast AttackCharged Attack
Pokemon GO Mega GengarMega GengarShadow ClawShadow Ball
Mega Banette Pokemon GOMega BanetteShadow ClawShadow Ball
Mega Gardevoir Pokemon GOMega GardevoirCharmDazzling Gleam
Chandelure Pokemon GOChandelureHexShadow Ball
Giratina Pokemon GO (Origin)Giratina (Origin Forme)Shadow ClawShadow Force
Gengar Pokemon GOGengarShadow ClawShadow Ball
Lunala Pokemon GOLunalaAir SlashShadow Ball
Hoopa Confined Pokemon GOHoopa (Confined)AstonishShadow Ball
Pokemon GO MoltresMoltresWing AttackSky Attack
Xurkitree Pokemon GOXurkitreeThunder ShockDazzling Gleam

If you need to teach your Pokemon any of these attacks, make sure you know how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO!

Also, don’t forget to power up your Pokemon before taking them into a Raid. If you boost how much Candy you earn in Pokemon GO then you can power them up faster!

When is Mega Medicham in Pokemon GO Raids?

Mega Medicham is in Pokemon GO Raids from March 8 to March 21, 2023, after making its GO Debut as part of the Festival of Colors event.

During this time, the Legendary Ho-Oh is also returning to Raids in Pokemon GO!

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