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Pokemon GO Mega Legendary Raids Revealed in Datamine

It looks like Mega Legendary Raids could finally be coming to Pokemon GO soon, according to a new datamine!

Like all Pokemon games, trainers want to catch as many Legendaries as they can in Pokemon GO. And the best way to catch these elusive ‘Mon is in Raids.

While Niantic has already announced all of the Legendary Raids coming in April 2022, a datamine has revealed that there may be some even more exciting and challenging raids coming to the game.

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Pokemon GO
Niantic/ The Pokemon Company

Legendary Raids in Pokemon GO are reasonably difficult, but high-level players rarely have much trouble with them when in a party with other seasoned trainers. However, it looks like another level of challenge will be coming soon.

That’s right – evidence of the long-awaited Mega Legendary Raids in Pokemon GO has been found in the game’s files!

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Pokemon Mega Rayquaza

Pokemon GO Could Get Mega Legendary Raids Soon

The new Pokemon GO Spring into Spring event has players busy at the moment but you might want to start powering up your Pokemon if Mega Legendary Raids are coming soon!

A new datamine from PokeMiners has revealed a number of new assets in the Pokemon GO files. However, one stands out more than the others.

There is an image of a Mega Legendary Egg that points towards Niantic adding a brand-new Raid type soon. This is not confirmed but as the image is in the files already, a Mega Legendary Raid seems likely.

Additionally, this also raises the possibility of some cool new Mega variants of Legendary Pokemon appearing in-game for the first time!

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Pokemon Primal Groudon

What Pokemon Could Appear in Mega Legendary Raids?

Based on Legendary Pokemon that have already had Mega forms in past games, these are the ones we think could get the Mega Legendary (or Primal) treatment in Pokemon GO:

  • Latias
  • Latios
  • Mewtwo X
  • Mewtwo Y
  • Rayquaza
  • Primal Kyogre
  • Primal Groudon

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Let’s hope to see Mega Legendary Raids in Pokemon GO soon! They would be a great addition to the Raids system that needs an extra difficulty level.

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