If you want to catch Kangaskhan outside of Australia or earn Kangaskhan Mega Energy in Pokemon GO, you’ll need to win a Mega Kangaskhan Raid. However, that’s easier said than done!

To beat Mega Kangaskhan, you will ideally need a team of at least three players. However, it is possible to defeat it solo or with a team of two trainers if you have powerful enough counters.

Below, you can find out everything you need to know to defeat Mega Kangaskhan, including its weakness, and the best Pokemon to counter it!

What Type is Mega Kangaskhan?

Mega Kangaskhan is a Normal-type Mega Pokemon.

This simple typing means that it has just one weakness and one resistance. While it makes it easy to decide which Pokemon to use to counter it, being a Normal-type severely limits how many counters there are!

Pokemon GO Mega Kangaskhan Raid Guide – Best Counters & Weakness

Weaknesses & Resistances

Fighting Ghost

Fighting-type attacks deal 160% damage to Mega Kangaskhan, so these are the Pokemon you’ll want to use when battling it.

On the other hand, you will definitely want to avoid using Ghost-types against Mega Kangaskhan. This is because Ghost-type attacks deal just 39% damage to Mega Kangaskhan.

Pokemon GO Mega Kangaskhan

Best Pokemon to Counter Mega Kangaskhan

The best Pokemon to counter Mega Kangaskhan in Raids are powerful Fighting-types like Terrakion, Keldeo, Conkeldurr, and Lucario. This is because Mega Kangaskhan’s only weakness is fighting.

Additionally, we suggest using Mega Blaziken, if you have it. This will boost the attack of all of your other Fighting-type Pokemon!

These are the top 10 Pokemon for this Raid and their strongest Fighting-type attacks:

Mega Blaziken
Mega Blaziken Pokemon GO
Fire/Fighting• Counter
• Focus Blast
Terrakion Pokemon GO
Rock/Fighting• Double Kick
• Sacred Sword
Keldeo Pokemon GO
Water/Fighting• Low Kick
• Sacred Sword
Pokemon GO Conkeldurr
Fighting• Counter
• Dynamic Punch
Galarian Zapdos
Galarian Zapdos Pokemon GO
Fighting/Flying• Counter
• Close Combat
Pokemon GO Lucario
Fighting/Steel• Counter
• Aura Sphere
Pokemon GO Machamp
Fighting• Counter
• Dynamic Punch
Pheromosa Pokemon GO
Bug/Fighting• Low Kick
• Focus Blast
Hawlucha Pokemon GO
Fighting/Flying• Low Kick
• Flying Press
Buzzwole Pokemon GO
Bug/Fighting• Counter
• Superpower

After winning a Mega Kangaskhan Raid, you will earn an encounter with Kangaskhan. Plus, there is a 1 in 64 chance that the Kangaskhan you encounter will be the shiny version!

When is Mega Kangaskhan in Raids?

Mega Kangaskhan is in 4-Star Mega Raids from November 16 until November 30, 2023. It will rotate in and out of Raids at 10 AM local time on these days.

This gives players two whole weeks to win a Mega Kangaskhan Raid and catch the usually region-exclusive Kangaskhan!

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