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Pokemon GO Meditite Spotlight Hour: Date, Time & Is There Shiny Meditite?

This week’s Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour features Meditite. Here’s everything you need to know including if shiny Meditite will be appearing during the event!

Every week, Pokemon GO holds a Spotlight Hour to put the focus on one particular Pokemon. During this hour, the spawn rate of the featured Pokemon is massively increased.

This makes it the best chance to catch plenty of the featured Pokemon and maybe even find a perfect version if you’re lucky.

What’s more, every Spotlight Hour has an event bonus that every Pokemon trainer can benefit from.

July 2022’s last Spotlight Hour puts the focus on Meditite. Here’s everything you’ll need to know about Meditite Spotlight Hour!

Also, make sure to use the new Pokemon GO Campfire app to meet up with other Pokemon trainers for this event!

Pokemon GO Meditite

Pokemon GO Meditite Spotlight Hour Date & Time – July 26

The Meditite Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO is on July 26 from 6 PM – 7 PM local time.

Meditite will spawn extremely often during this hour, making it a perfect time to find a perfect version of this Pokemon or collect lots of Candy to power up your Meditite or Medicham.

Make sure to use the new Pokemon GO IV search filter to find out which Meditite to keep and which ones to transfer. It’ll save you loads of time!

We also recommend using the new Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon GO to boost how many Meditite you encounter during Spotlight Hour.

Additionally, the bonus for Meditite Spotlight Hour is double XP for evolving your Pokemon. Therefore, if you’ve got any Pokemon in your storage to evolve, make sure to hold on to them until then.

But is there a shiny Meditite in Pokemon GO that you can catch during the Spotlight Hour?

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Pokemon GO meditite catch

Can Meditite Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Meditite can be shiny in Pokemon GO and the July 26 Spotlight Hour will be the best time to catch one!

Unlike the standard white and light blue Meditite, the shiny version of Meditite switched the blue for a pink coloring. This is quite a striking difference and a great one for any shiny hunter to add to their collection.

Let’s hope you get some good luck and find a shiny Meditite in the July 26 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour!

In other news, you’ll definitely want to find out how to Catch Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno in Pokemon GO. These new regional forms have just arrived in the game!

Pokemon GO Shiny Meditite

Finally, there are plenty more Pokemon GO events on the way. The next one is the Hisuian Discoveries event that will add some exciting new regional variants!

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