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Pokemon GO Mantine Spotlight Hour: Date, Time & Is There Shiny Mantine?

Pokemon GO’s second Spotlight Hour of June 2022 features Mantine. Here’s everything you need to know as well as if you’ll be able to find a shiny Mantine in the wild!

Every week, one particular Pokemon is put into the spotlight and gets a whole in-game hour dedicated to it. During this hour, the chosen Pokemon becomes extremely common which is perfect for shiny hunters, earning Candy, and players who want a perfect Pokemon!

What’s more, Spotlight Hours also offer a limited-time event bonus which means that everyone can take part, even if you don’t necessarily need to catch any more of the featured Pokemon.

Pokemon GO players have had a great time recently with fans calling Adventure Week “the best event in ages”. Luckily, the next Spotlight Hour will continue this as Mantine is the Pokemon in the Spotlight.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Mantine Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO!

But first, check out the full Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule for June 2022!

Mantine Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour

Pokemon GO Mantine Spotlight Hour Date & Time – June 14

The Pokemon GO Mantine Spotlight Hour will take place on June 14 at 6 PM local time. It will last an hour and conclude at 7 PM.

During this hour, Mantine will spawn much more often, making it the perfect time to see if you can get a perfect ‘4-star’ version of the Pokemon.

Find out how to get some Elite Fast & Charged TMs before you use Mantine in the GO Battle League though!

Plus, the event bonus is extremely handy too. For the duration of the Mantine Spotlight Hour, you will get 2x Candy for transferring your Pokemon!

But the real question everyone wants to know the answer to is whether you can catch a shiny Mantine in the Spotlight Hour.

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Can Mantine Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Luckily, Mantine can be shiny in Pokemon GO and so the June 14 Spotlight Hour will be the best time to catch one.

In case you didn’t know, shiny Mantine has a much brighter blue color than the standard version of the Pokemon. This will make it a great addition to the collection of any shiny hunter!

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Pokemon GO shiny Mantine

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