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Pokemon GO Machop Spotlight Hour: Date, Bonus & Is There Shiny Machop?

The next featured Pokemon in the spotlight is Machop – here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Pokemon GO Machop Spotlight Hour!

Pokemon GO players want to catch ’em all but it isn’t just a variety of different Pokemon they want to catch. Getting your hands on powerful Pokemon or hunting for shiny versions is also very important.

Luckily, every week, Pokemon GO holds a Spotlight Hour which makes one particular Pokemon spawn way more often. This makes getting a shiny or perfect 4* version of this Pokemon much more likely due to the sheer amount of spawns.

Following last week’s Ledyba Spotlight Hour, the second one of July puts the focus on Machop. Here’s what you need to know!

But first, find out the full July 2022 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule!

Pokemon GO Machop Evolution

Pokemon GO Machop Spotlight Hour Date, Time & Bonus – July 12

The Pokemon GO Machop Spotlight Hour will take place on July 12. Like all Spotlight Hours, it will begin at 6 PM local time and end at 7 PM.

Machop will be spawning much more often for the duration of this hour, making catching a powerful one and evolving it much easier.

This is great news for players wanting to complete the new Field Notes: Team GO Rocket Research as Machamp can be a great counter for Team Rocket Leader Cliff as well as the big boss Giovanni!

What’s more, the bonus for the Machop Spotlight Hour is double the candy for catching Pokemon! This will make evolving and powering up your Pokemon even easier.

However, many players will be after a shiny version of Machop. But can you catch a Shiny Machop during the Spotlight Hour?

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Pokemon GO Machop

Can Machop Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Machop has been in Pokemon GO for ages now and the best time to catch one will be during the Machop Spotlight Hour!

Shiny Machop is a light green color instead of the standard gray-blue. This extends to both of its evolved forms, Machoke and Machamp too!

Good luck during the Spotlight Hour – hopefully you’ll find a shiny Machop to add to your Pokedex!

And, once again, be sure to check the full July 2022 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule to see what Pokemon will be featured next!

Shiny hunters also won’t want to miss out on the July 2022 Pokemon GO Community Day. It will feature the debut of a new shiny Pokemon!

Pokemon GO Shiny Machop

Meanwhile, there are plenty more Pokemon GO dates for your diaries this month. Make sure you know all of the Mega and Legendary Pokemon in Raids during July!

For your best chance of catching these Pokemon, make sure to take part in the upcoming Pokemon GO Raid Hours.

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