The Lustrous Odyssey event is adding the first new Pokemon of 2024 to Pokemon GO, alongside loads more to look forward to!

Quickly following on from the 2024 New Year’s event, Pokemon GO is jumping into yet another event in the first week of 2024.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Lustrous Odyssey event in Pokemon GO, from the brand-new Pokemon to the event bonuses and new Research!

Lustrous Odyssey Start & End Date

The Pokemon GO Lustrous Odyssey event starts at 10 AM local time on January 6 and ends at 8 PM local time on January 10, 2024.

  • Starts:
  • Ends:

It is also worth noting that this event overlaps with the Rowlet Community Day, which is taking place from 2 PM to 5 PM local time on January 6.

Pokemon GO Rowlet Community Day

Event Bonuses

The following bonuses will be active for all Pokemon GO players throughout the whole of the Lustrous Odyssey event:

  • Increased frequency of Buddy Pokemon bringing you Souvenirs and Presents
  • Your Buddy will spend more time on the map after being fed Berries or Poffins
  • Rockruff hatched from Eggs received as Adventure Sync rewards during Pokemon GO: Timeless Travels may have a chance to evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc

New Pokemon

The brand-new Pokemon added in the Lustrous Odyssey event is Dusk Form Lycanroc.

While Midnight Form and Midday Form Lycanroc were already available, this is the first time that players will be able to get the Dusk Form of this Pokemon.

The exact details of how to evolve Rockruff into Dusk Form Lycanroc have not been revealed yet, but Niantic says that only some Rockruff will be able to make this evolution.

Pokemon GO Dusk Form Lycanroc Debut

Wild Spawns & Shinies

A large selection of Pokemon will be spawning in the wild during the Lustrous Odyssey event:

GastlyPokemon GO GastlyShiny Gastly Pokemon GO
EeveeEevee Pokemon GOShiny Eevee Pokemon GO
SpinarakSpinarak Pokemon GOShiny Spinarak Pokemon GO
SunkernSunkern Pokemon GOShiny Sunkern Pokemon GO
TeddiursaTeddiursa Pokemon GOShiny Teddiursa Pokemon GO
LunatoneShiny Lunatone Pokemon GO
SolrockShiny Solrock Pokemon GO
YungoosYungoos Pokemon GOShiny Yungoos Pokemon GO
FomantisFomantis Pokemon GOShiny Fomantis Pokemon GO
MorelullMorelull Pokemon GOShiny Morelull Pokemon GO
EspeonEspeon Pokemon GOShiny Espeon Pokemon GO
UmbreonUmbreon Pokemon GOShiny Umbreon Pokemon GO


These are all of the Pokemon that will be available to battle in Raids during Lustrous Odyssey:

Raid BossDifficultyStandardShiny
Hisuian Growlithe1-StarHisuian Growlithe Pokemon GOShiny Hisuian Growlithe Pokemon GO
Rhyhorn1-StarPokemon GO RhyhornShiny Rhyhorn Pokemon GO
Hisuian Sneasel1-StarHisuian Sneasel Pokemon GOShiny Hiusian Sneasel Pokemon GO
Rockruff1-StarRockruff Pokemon GOShiny Rockruff Pokemon GO
Lapras3-Starlapras pokemon goShiny Lapras Pokemon GO
Aerodactyl3-StarAerodactyl Pokemon GOShiny Aerodactyl Pokemon GO
Hisuian Braviary3-StarHisuian Braviary Pokemon GOShiny Hisuian Braviary Pokemon GO
Wyrdeer3-StarWyrdeer Pokemon GOShiny Wyrdeer Pokemon GO

Rockruff in Eggs

Any 2km or 7km Egg picked up during the Lustrous Odyssey event could contain Rockruff in addition to all of the other possible hatches.

What’s more, any Rockruff hatched from a 2km or 7km Egg has a chance to evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc!

Rockruff Postcard Pokemon GO


Most importantly, the next steps of the Timeless Travels Special Research will become available at the start of the Lustrous Odyssey event.

Additionally, players will be able to pick up and complete new Field Research Tasks during Lustrous Odyssey. The rewards for these Tasks include encounters with Hisuian Growlithe, Hisuian Sneasel, and Rockruff!

Pokemon GO Hisuian Growlithe and Hisuian Sneasel

Following the Lustrous Odyssey event, there is plenty more to look forward to this month. Check out the January 2024 Pokemon GO events schedule for more details!

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