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Pokemon GO Leak Reveals Mega Scizor & Other Upcoming Pokemon

A huge new Pokemon GO leak has revealed that Mega Scizor could be added to the game soon, alongside a trio of unannounced Pokemon!

Pokemon trainers want to catch ’em all in Pokemon GO, but the roster keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Pokemon GO has just added the Fossil Pokemon Tyrunt and Amaura but the new ‘Mon will keep coming if this leak is correct.

Not only has this datamine seemingly confirmed that Mega Scizor is on the way but it has also revealed three new unannounced Pokemon that could be coming to Pokemon GO very soon!

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Pokemon GO Season of GO

Datamine Reveals New Pokemon Coming in Season of GO

The latest datamine from PokeMiners has found that Niantic has added these new Pokemon to the Pokemon GO game files:

Mega Scizor – Next Mega Evolution

Firstly, PokeMiners has found Mega Scizor in the game’s files following an update to the game on June 7.

The recent Mega Evolution update in Pokemon GO has made the Mega versions of Pokemon much more powerful than ever before and now they are getting the attention they deserve.

Shortly after the first Mega Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, another fan-favorite ‘Mon, Scizor, should be getting a Mega Evolved form in-game soon.

The release date for Mega Scizor in Pokemon GO is not known yet but we expect it to arrive in July.

This is because it isn’t part of the June 2022 Pokemon GO Mega & Legendary Raid schedule.

Mega Scizor Pokemon
The Pokemon Company

New Pokemon Coming in Season of GO

Additionally, the Pokemon GO update on June 7 also added a number of new Pokemon to the files. These are:

  • Pikachu with Pokemon TCG hat
  • Wimpod
  • Golisopod
  • Grubbin
  • Charjabug
  • Vikavolt

Players already knew about the costumed Pikachu as it is part of the upcoming Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event. This will also be when Wimpod and Golisopod make their debuts too.

Here’s how to catch Wimpod and Golispod in Pokemon GO, if you want to add them to your Pokedex.

However, Niantic has not confirmed that Grubbin, Charjabug, and Vikavolt will be coming to the game yet, even if the datamine indicates that they will arrive soon.

Vikavolt Pokemon
The Pokemon Company

Like Mega Scizor, expect these Pokemon to arrive in Pokemon GO at some point in July. It’s likely we will get an official announcement from Niantic about them very soon.

But, until then, you can see what they’ll look like in-game from PokeMiners’ leak below

In other news, a previous leak revealed that a Furret Walk Challenge is coming to Pokemon GO. This could be a great new feature for the game.

Plus, a fan-favorite shiny is returning. Here’s how to catch a shiny Meltan in Pokemon GO!

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