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Pokemon GO: Lapras Raid Guide – Best Counters, Pokemon, Weakness

Find out how to defeat and catch Lapras in raids! The best counters, weaknesses, and everything else you need to know!

The newest Pokemon GO event is the Water Festival, bringing new Pokemon, raids, and more!

One Pokemon that’s returned to raids is Lapras, the lovable aquatic dinosaur ‘Mon from Pokemon Red and Blue. Fans will be able to catch Lapras wearing a scarf – dubbed “Drip Lapras” by some fans!

To catch Lapras, trainers will need to first defeat it in a raid battle. This means you have to battle an incredibly strong Pokemon with other trainers.

Once the Pokemon is defeated, its CP will drop to a lower level, and trainers will have the opportunity to catch it. We recommend stocking up on Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries, as Lapras is a difficult Pokemon to catch!

If you’re in need of Golden Razz Berries, try the Free Daily Box Trick to get some rare items!

Of course, in order to catch Lapras, you need to be able to defeat it. Here’s our expert guide to defeating Lapras in a raid!

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Best Lapras Raid Counters

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Lapras is a 3 star raid Pokemon. That means that even though it’s barely possible to defeat one on your own, it’s worth bringing along at least one friend to make things easier.

While Lapras is a difficult raid boss, we have everything you need to know in order to win the raid. Let’s GO!

Lapras Stats and Type

Lapras is a powerful Pokemon with huge stamina. It has the following stats in Pokemon GO:

  • Max CP: 2985
  • Attack: 165
  • Defense: 174
  • Stamina: 277

Additionally, it is a Water/Ice-type. This means Lapras resists attacks from the following types:

  • Ice
  • Water

This means you shouldn’t go into battle using attacks of these types. Let’s take a look at Lapras’ weaknesses!

  • Grass
  • Electric
  • Fighting
  • Rock

This means that if you want to defeat Lapras, make sure to use moves of these types. Since Lapras is a defensive behemoth, you’ll want to rely on super-effective damage.

Lapras Attacks and Moves


In a Lapras Raid, you need to choose Pokemon that can withstand its powerful attacks. Here are the fast and charged moves that Lapras uses in raid battles!

Lapras Fast Moves

  • Frost Breath (Ice)
  • Water Gun (Water)
  • Ice Shard (Ice) (Legacy)

Lapras Charged Moves

  • Blizzard (Ice)
  • Hydro Pump (Water)
  • Skull Bash (Normal)
  • Surf (Water)
  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon)
  • Ice Beam (Ice)

This means that Lapras can hit the following types for super-effective damage:

  • Dragon
  • Fire
  • Flying
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Rock

Because of this, you need to pick your Pokemon carefully to ensure Lapras cannot defeat them. Thankfully, we’ve picked out the best Lapras raid counters to choose!

Best Pokemon To Defeat Lapras Raid

Lapras is a difficult Pokemon to face because of its high stamina and powerful, varied moves. Because of this, the best Pokemon to bring to a Lapras Raid are strong Electric and Fighting-type Pokemon, 

Not only can these types exploit Lapras’ weaknesses, but they also are not hit super-effectively by any of Lapras’ attacks. This is key to take it down, as Lapras raids can last for a long time!

If you’ve caught a strong Bewear from our April’s Stufful Community Day Guide, why not bring it along to a Lapras raid?

Top 10 Pokemon For Lapras Raid

While these are not the only Pokemon that can be useful, here are the 10 best Pokemon to use in a Lapras raid. Make sure you equip them with powerful Electric and Fighting-type moves!

  1. Zekrom
  2. Lucario
  3. Conkeldurr
  4. Thundurus (Therian Form)
  5. Raikou
  6. Machamp
  7. Zapdos
  8. Hariyama
  9. Magnezone
  10. Heracross

Additionally, the best three Mega Pokemon to use in a Lapras raid are as follows:

  1. Manectric
  2. Lopunny
  3. Ampharos

Of course, these aren’t the only powerful Pokemon you can use! Any Pokemon that can hit Lapras on its weaknesses are worth using. 

Here’s some other good Pokemon that you can use!

  • Electric: Electivire, Alolan Golem, Tapu Koko
  • Fighting: Gallade, Toxicroak, Bewear
  • Grass: Roserade, Tapu Bulu, Venusaur
  • Rock: Rampardos, Gigalith, Rhyperior
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