To win Landorus Raids in Pokemon GO, you should battle it as part of a team of at least five high-level Pokemon trainers.

All of these players should also use powerful Ice-type Pokemon to counter Landorus and exploit its double weakness to this type!

Also, make sure you know the top tips to win Pokemon GO Raids, as these will help you no matter which boss you’re fighting.

What Type is Landorus?

Landorus is a Ground/Flying-type Legendary Pokemon. This is the case for both Incarnate Forme and Therian Forme Landorus, meaning you can use the same counters for both.

However, this extremely rare typing makes Landorus very tricky to counter in Pokemon GO Raids.

This is especially annoying for players who want to catch the shiny version of Landorus, as they’ll have to defeat this Legendary ‘Mon plenty of times before they encounter the shiny version!

Landorus Pokemon GO Lightning

Landorus Weaknesses & Resistances

Landorus has just two weaknesses, but five resistances in Pokemon GO. They are:

Ice (Double Weakness)Ground (Double Resistance)

You’ll want to use Ice-type Pokemon when battling Landorus in Pokemon GO Raids, as Ice-type attacks deal 265% damage to it. Find out the strongest Ice-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO to make defeating Landorus a breeze!

Water-type attacks are the next best option, as they deal 160% damage. However, you’ll want to avoid Ground, Bug, Electric, Fighting, and Poison-type attacks against Landorus, as it resists all of these types!

Pokemon GO Therian Forme Landorus

Best Pokemon to Counter Landorus in Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Landorus in Pokemon GO are powerful Ice-types like Galarian Darmanitan, Mamoswine, Glaceon, and Weavile.

We also suggest using an Ice-type Mega Pokemon like Mega Abomasnow or Mega Glalie against Landorus. This is because it will boost the attack of other Ice-type Pokemon and make the Raid much easier.

These are the top 10 Pokemon to use against Landorus as well as their strongest attacks:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega AbomasnowMega Abomasnow Pokemon GOPowder SnowWeather Ball
Mega GlalieMega Glalie Pokemon GOIce ShardAvalanche
Mega SwampertMega Swampert Pokemon GOWater GunHydro Cannon
Galarian DarmanitanPokemon GO Galarian DarmanitanIce FangAvalanche
MamoswinePokemon GO MamoswinePowder SnowAvalanche
GlaceonPokemon GO GlaceonFrost breathAvalanche
JynxJynx Pokemon GOFrost breathAvalanche
WeavileWeavile Pokemon GOIce ShardAvalanche
AvaluggPokemon GO AvaluggIce FangAvalanche
KyogreKyogre Pokemon GOWaterfallSurf
Pokemon GO Tornadus Landorus Thundurus

Now that you know how to beat Landorus, find out the best counters to defeat the other two members of the Forces of Nature:

Pokemon GO Landorus Raid Dates

Incarnate Forme Landorus is in Pokemon GO Raids from April 11 – 17, 2023.

However, it is not known when Therian Forme Landorus will return to Raids just yet. It will likely be back in the Raid rotation in a couple of seasons.

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