The ‘Drawn Sword Pokemon’ Kartana is a tough Ultra Beast to fight in Pokemon GO Raids, but don’t let that stop you from battling and catching it!

So long as you have a team of at least five Pokemon trainers, each using strong Fire-type Pokemon to counter Kartana, the battle should be pretty straightforward.

Kartana Type

Kartana is one of a few Grass/Steel-type Pokemon. This means it has just two weaknesses.

To make things even more challenging, Kartana resists attacks of 10 different types!

Kartana Pokemon GO Pokedex

Kartana Weaknesses & Resistances

Fire (Double Weakness)Grass (Double Resistance)

Kartana is double weak to Fire, meaning that Fire-type attacks deal 256% damage to it! Additionally, Fighting-type attacks deal 160% damage to Kartana.

On the other hand, Kartana’s double Grass resistance means that attacks of this type only deal 39% damage. Meanwhile, it also resists 63% of damage from the nine other types above.

Catch Kartana Pokemon GO

Best Pokemon to Counter Kartana in Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Kartana in Pokemon GO Raids are Mega Charizard (X and Y), Reshiram, and Ho-Oh.

For this Raid, you’ll want to use all of your strongest Fire-type Pokemon as Fire attacks deal 256% damage to Kartana.

These are our top 10 picks for Pokemon to use against Kartana:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega Charizard YPokemon GO Mega Charizard YFire SpinBlast Burn
Mega Charizard XPokemon GO Mega Charizard XFire SpinBlast Burn
ReshiramPokemon GO ReshiramFire FangOverheat
Ho-OhHo-Oh Pokemon GOIncinerateSacred Fire
Mega HoundoomMega Houndoom Pokemon GOFire FangFlamethrower
MoltresPokemon GO MoltresFire SpinOverheat
DarmantianPokemon GO DarmanitanFire FangOverheat
ChandelurePokemon GO ChandelureFire SpinOverheat
BlazikenPokemon GO BlazikenFire SpinBlast Burn
EnteiEntei Pokemon GOFire FangOverheat

When is Kartana in Pokemon GO Raids?

Kartana is in Pokemon GO Raids from September 1-16, 2023.

It will be appearing in Raids in the Northern Hemisphere from September 1-8, then in Southern Hemisphere Raids from September 8-16.

Kartana rotates in and out of Raids, as well as changes hemisphere at 10 AM local time.

Pokemon GO Celesteela Kartana Map

Where in the World Can You Find Kartana Raids?

Kartana is only a Pokemon GO Raid boss in either the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere.

It is exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere from September 1-8, then exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere from September 8-16, 2023.

However, players in the opposite Hemisphere can also catch Kartana, even if it won’t be appearing in local Raids. They’ll need a Remote Raid Pass and then have a player in the other hemisphere invite them to a Kartana Raid.

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