The two newest Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO, Kartana and Celesteela will be featured in an upcoming Raid Hour – here’s when it is!

Catching ’em all in Pokemon GO is no easy task. This is especially considering that the most powerful Pokemon can only be caught after defeating them in Raids.

Not only can it be a struggle to find other local players to fight in Raids with, but there may not always be a Tier 5 Raid near you. Luckily, the weekly Raid Hour events cause plenty more 5-Star Raids to take place all around the world.

This is great news for players who want to catch the two new Ultra Beasts Kartana and Celesteela as a Raid Hour featuring these two Pokemon will be taking place very soon!

But first, check out the top tips for winning Pokemon GO Raids. This will help you defeat even the toughest bosses.

Pokemon GO Kartana Celesteela

Pokemon GO Kartana & Celesteela Raid Hour Date & Time

The Pokemon GO Kartana and Celesteela Raid Hour will be taking place from 6 PM – 7 PM local time on September 21, 2022.

For the duration of this hour, there will be plenty more Raids featuring these Pokemon. However, Kartana will exclusively be in Northern Hemisphere Raids, while Celesteela will be in Raids in the Southern Hemisphere.

Check out our Raid guides on how to defeat these Ultra Beasts:

Pokemon GO Celesteela Kartana Map

Also, even if there is only one of Kartana and Celesteela in your region, you can still catch both. Find out how to get Remote Raid Passes to catch the Ultra Beast in the other half of the world!

Finally, here’s a list of every Ultra Beast in Pokemon GO! It looks like this list could be getting longer in the next couple of months though!

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