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Pokemon GO June 2022 Raid Hours Schedule

Here are all of the Pokemon GO Raid Hours coming in June 2022 – check the schedule to find out which Legendary Pokemon is featured each week!

Raids in Pokemon GO combine the two most key parts of the series – battling and actually catching Pokemon.

After defeating a Pokemon in a Raid, you get the chance to catch them. However, not every Pokemon is available in Raids all the time.

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Pokemon GO Mewtwo

Luckily, every week, Pokemon GO has a Raid Hour that highlights a particular Legendary Pokemon. During this hour, plenty of Raids of the featured Pokemon will take place, giving you a great chance of catching one.

Here is the full Pokemon GO Raid Hour Schedule for the upcoming month so you know when to save your Raid Passes.

But first, find out every Pokemon in Legendary & Mega Raids in June 2022!

Pokemon GO Raid Hour Dates & Times – June 2022

Raid hours in Pokemon GO take place from 6 PM – 7 PM local time every Wednesday. These are which Pokemon will get the Raid Hour Spotlight during June 2022:

Check out every Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour in June 2022 as well!

Make sure to put those dates in your diaries. You won’t want to miss these classic Legendaries when they are highlighted in the upcoming Pokemon GO Raid Hours.

Also, don’t forget about Pokemon GO Fest either. A new form of mythical Pokemon is making its debut in Pokemon GO Fest 2022!

Pokemon GO Kyogre

Finally, the Season of GO has changed all the different Pokemon you can hatch from eggs:

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