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Pokemon GO July Battle Weekend: Date, Bonuses & Shadow Pokemon

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming July Battle Weekend in Pokemon GO, including the date as well as the event bonuses!

Pokemon GO might be about catching ’em all but, once you’ve done that, you’ll want to battle with them.

Luckily, as part of the Pokemon GO 2022 Anniversary event, there will be a new Battle Weekend! This includes event bonuses, new Shadow Pokemon and the villainous Team Rocket appearing more often.

Here’s everything you need to know about the July Battle Weekend in Pokemon GO.

The Pokemon GO logo sits in front of a dramatic Pokemon battle between Dragonite, Azumarill, Altaria and Garchomp. Perhaps they're part of the best May raid team?

When is the Pokemon GO July Battle Weekend?

The Pokemon GO July Battle Weekend begins at 12 AM local time on July 9. It will last throughout the weekend until 11:59 PM on July 10.

Throughout the weekend, a number of event bonuses will be active. Plus, there has been a shake-up with Team Rocket and the Shadow Pokemon they’ll be using!

Also, make sure to take part in the Pokemon GO July Community Day!

July Battle Weekend Event Bonuses

Pokemon GO Mankey Battle

These bonuses will be active throughout the July Battle Weekend in Pokemon GO:

  • Team GO Rocket balloons will appear every three hours.
  • Earn 4x Stardust from GO Battle League Rewards.
  • Play up to 20 GO Battle League sets each day.
  • Use a Charged TM to help a Shadow Pokémon forget the Charged Attack Frustration.

What’s more, the Berlin GO Fest Global Challenge has added a great bonus for evolving selected Pokemon during the Battle Weekend!

Giovanni Has a New Legendary Shadow Pokemon

As part of the July Battle weekend, Team GO Rocket leader Giovanni is back. What’s more, he has a new Legendary Shadow Pokemon.

If you defeat Giovanni, you will now be able to catch Shadow Latios. The Shadow version of this Pokemon has been coming for a long time after Giovanni has Shadow Latias last time.

Make sure to check the Pokemon GO July Legendary Raid Schedule to get some more Legendary Pokemon!

Pokemon GO Shadow Latios

Team GO Rocket New Shadow Pokemon

Additionally, the Team GO Rocket Grunts as well as leaders Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo will have brand-new Shadow Pokemon. The new Shadow Pokemon in the game include:

  • Geodude
  • Shinx
  • Purrloin

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Special Research

Finally, there will be some Special Research centered on Giovanni during the July Battle Weekend in Pokemon GO.

Completing this Research will reward you with a Super Rocket Radar. What’s more, you have until the end of the Season of GO, September 1, to complete this Research.

And that’s everything you need to know about the July Battle Weekend in Pokemon GO. Make sure to power up your best Pokemon beforehand!

What’s more, plenty of Pokemon GO datamines have revealed upcoming Pokemon:

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