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Pokemon GO July 2022 Raid Hours Schedule

Here is every Pokemon GO Raid Hour in July 2022 – check out the schedule to see which Legendary Pokemon will be featured every week!

If you want to catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, there’s no better way than by defeating them in Raids. This is because beating a Pokemon in a Raid gives you the opportunity to catch them!

And if you’re after a particular Legendary, there’s no better time to catch them than during a Raid Hour. This is the one hour a week where the number of Raids is massively increased.

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Pokemon GO Zapdos

In each weekly Raid Hour, one Pokemon is highlighted. During this hour, almost all of the Raids you’ll find will be with this Pokemon in particular.

Luckily, Niantic has already announced the full Pokemon GO Legendary and Mega Raid schedule for July 2022 as well as which Legendary will be in each Raid Hour.

Check out the Raid Hour dates and Pokemon below to see which ones you need to save Raid Passes for!

Also, find out the Pokemon that will be appearing in the July Community Day!

Pokemon GO Raid Hour Dates & Times – July 2022

Every Wednesday from 6 PM – 7 PM local time there is a Raid Hour. These are the Legendary Pokemon that will be in the spotlight for the July 2022 Raid Hours:

Also, don’t forget to take part in all of the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours in July 2022!

And those are all of the Pokemon GO Raid Hours for July 2022. Make sure to take part as it’ll be the best chance for you to get the shiny versions of all of these Legendary Pokemon

There will also be new Galarian forms of the Legendary Birds coming to Pokemon GO soon. Let’s hope to see these in Raids soon!

Make sure you know how to catch the three new Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO too!

Dialga Pokemon GO

In other news, leaks have revealed plenty of new upcoming Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

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