Pokemon GO players have from 12:00 AM local time on January 14 to 11:59 PM local time on January 15 to complete the January 2023 GO Battle Day Timed Research and earn some great rewards!

These are all of the tasks and rewards that players must complete to finish the Timed Research:

Battle in the GO Battle League 5 times7500 XP
Battle in the GO Battle League 10 times7500 XP
Use 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks7500 XP
Power Up Pokemon 10 Times 7500 XP

Of course, to win battles you will need the choose some powerful Pokemon. These are the best Pokemon teams for each of the active leagues:

Additionally, you’ll need plenty of Stardust and Candy to power up your Pokemon. Luckily the January 2023 GO Battle Day bonuses will let you earn plenty of Stardust.

Also, here are the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO so you can spend your Stardust on powering up your favorite Pokemon!

Finishing these four tasks will also give players a few great completion rewards!

Charizard Pokemon GO Battle

Steven Stone GO Battle Day Research Completion Rewards

For completing every one of the Tasks in the January 2023 Pokemon GO Battle Day: Timed Research, players will get three great in-game rewards. They are:

  • 3 Rare Candy
  • 1 Elite Charged TM
  • Steven Stone-inspired rings for your in-game avatar

There are even more rewards to be earned from taking on other Pokemon trainers too. Here are all of the Pokemon GO Battle League rewards for Season 9: Mythical Wishes!

January 2023 GO Battle Day Timed Research Rewards

There are also even more exciting in-game events happening later in the month. Check out the January 2023 Pokemon GO events schedule to find out what else is coming up!

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