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After Nearly 5 Years, Pokemon Go Is Still A Huge Financial Success for Nintendo

Pokemon Go is still generating bucket loads of cash for Nintendo. Even nearly five years after it released on smartphones.

Pokemon Go was a phenomenon when it initially launched back in 2016. A game that could be downloaded for free, then tickle our craving for nostalgia was always going to do well.

Lots of people love Pokemon, but even more remembered how they used to love it. The game’s focus on the first 150 creatures from the original Game Boy games was a masterstroke. One which lured lapsed fans back into an old addiction.

However, it was clear that this wasn’t going to last forever. The hype surrounding Pokemon Go evaporated as quickly as it appeared.

As more Pokemon appeared from subsequent generations, such as Johto and Hoenn, many players became bored.

They may not have still been interested in the franchise once Gen 2 arrived over 20 years ago. So their dalliance with nostalgia ended here.

But plenty of fans and lapsed fans stuck around after the Pokemon Go hype. They must have; the number don’t lie. In case you didn’t know, the game has even had a crossover event with designer label Gucci!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s Profits in 2020 are Huge

Pokemon Go will be five years old in June of 2021, which itself is pretty staggering. It still feels like yesterday when we were chasing Pidgeys and complaining about features coming and going.

According to recent figures in 2020, the game generated $1.92 billion in terms of profit. No wonder Nintendo, Niantic, and the Pokemon Company are so keen to keep creating content for the game.

When Pokemon Go first arrived, its players could be seen everywhere. From car parks to supermarkets, it was amusing to see people’s faces stuck in their phones while they swiped endlessly to catch that goddamn Abra before it used teleport.

While it may not be immediately obvious who’s still playing the game in 2021, it’s clear that many people still are. And they are as committed as ever.

What’s Pokemon Go Doing Now?

As we speak, Pokemon Go is now launching its regional events. While each of these looks like great fun. It’s the Sinnoh region event that has Lickitungs wagging.

Many people are hoping the event will give some insight into the much-hyped Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. While still unconfirmed at this point, it’s hoped and expected that this will be the Pokemon games that arrive in 2021.

It’s in so much demand that fans have actually made their own Diamond and Pearl remake concepts. Some fans are also speculating that the Diamond and Pearly remakes will incorporate more open-world elements.

So, congratulations Pokemon Go and here’s to another five years! It’s also worth pointing out that nearly 2 billion in profit isn’t bad for a game that is still a free download! We’re looking forward to seeing how Pokemon Go evolves over the next few years

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