The latest Pokemon GO update has finally added an IV filter to help you search for Pokemon – here’s how you can use it!

Most Pokemon GO players have hundreds if not thousands of Pokemon in their Storage so they need quick and simple ways to search through them.

While players have always been able to filter Pokemon by some properties like type and region, many fans have been waiting for a way to filter their Pokemon by IV values.

Luckily, Niantic has finally added the feature in the latest Pokemon GO update. Here’s how you can do it!

This is the most useful update since Niantic added the Buddy and Egg Widget for Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO

What is IV in Pokemon GO?

Individual Values (or IV) in the Pokemon series are used to measure how powerful your Pokemon are.

In Pokemon GO, the Attack, Defense, and Stamina of your Pokemon are measured out of 15. You can check this by appraising individual Pokemon and seeing the bars for each of these stats.

Each bar accounts for 5 points in the particular stat. Therefore, all 3 bars being empty indicates a 0/15 while all 3 bars being full shows your Pokemon has 15/15 for that stat.

It’s also important to note that IVs can’t be changed in Pokemon GO unless you trade the Pokemon. Therefore, you’ll only really want to evolve or power up Pokemon with strong IVs even if their CP isn’t too high as their CP potential will be higher.

This is why the new IV filter will be so useful for Pokemon GO players as it’ll let them find their powerful (and not so powerful) Pokemon much faster.

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How to Search for Pokemon Using IV Filter in Pokemon GO

  • Go into your Pokemon Storage.
  • Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen to begin searching.
  • You’ll have to type in a number followed by ‘attack’, ‘defense’, or ‘hp’ to search for IVs. The IV search is based on the 3 bars rather than the out of 15 IV. This means you can only search for IV ranges and not a particular number.
    • 0 = 0 IV
    • 1 = 1-5 IV
    • 2 = 6-10 IV
    • 3 = 11-14 IV
    • 4 = 15 IV
  • You can also search for attack, defense, and HP at the same time by separating the searches with an ‘&’
  • For example, the search ‘4attack&4defense&4hp’ would show Pokemon with 15 IV for all.
  • Meanwhile, the search ‘0attack&0defense&1hp’ would show Pokemon with 0 IV for attack and defense and 1-5 IV for HP.

Now that you know which of your Pokemon have great IVs, find out how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO. These attacks will make your Pokemon even stronger!

In other news, if you want to power up your Pokemon to a high level, you’ll need lots of Candy. Here’s the fastest way to get XL Candy in Pokemon GO!

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