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Pokemon GO: How to Get Latias & Latios Mega Energy

If you’re looking to Mega Evolve Latias or Latios, you’ll need a load of Mega Energy – here’s how you can get it!

Mega Legendary Pokemon have finally arrived in Pokemon GO and the first two you can mega evolve are Latias and Latios!

However, doing this requires quite a lot of Mega Energy which you will have to earn first. Luckily, there are two different ways you can earn Mega Energy for these Legendary Pokemon – here they are!

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The Mega eon duo, Mega Latios and Mega Latias, and flying together in front of a bright blue sky. In the background, a passenger airplane can be seen in front of some white clouds.

How Much Mega Energy Do You Need to Mega Evolve Latias & Latios?

To Mega Evolve Latias and Latios, you’ll need 300 Mega Energy for either of them. This is quite a lot, but luckily the new Pokemon GO Mega Evolution system means this is just a one-time cost!

Additionally, there are a couple of ways that you can earn Mega Energy for both of those Pokemon so collecting 300 of either shouldn’t take too long.

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Pokemon GO Air Adventures Event

How to Get Latias & Latios Mega Energy

Electrify the Sky – Pokemon Air Adventures Catch Challenge

Firstly, the Electrify the Sky Catch Challenge in the Pokemon Air Adventures event lets you earn both Latias and Latios Mega Energy!

Completing the two tasks in this challenge will award you 50 Mega Energy for both of these Pokemon. However, you’ll still need to make up the other 250 Mega Energy somehow. Luckily there’s also another way to get you loads more!

Also, make sure you know how to catch Flying Pikachu in Pokemon GO while you can!

Pokemon GO Latios and Latias

Mega Latias & Latios Raids

The best way to get Latias and Latios Mega Energy is by beating these Pokemon in Raids. This is because winning a Raid against one of these Mega Legendary Pokemon gives you between 175-225 Mega Energy!

However, winning these raids is very tricky and requires a team of trainers with powerful Pokemon.

Check out our Mega Latias & Mega Latios Raid Guide to find out the best Pokemon to use and the weaknesses!

Also, you’ll want to know the best Raid team for Pokemon GO in May 2022. These will help you take down even the most powerful Raid bosses.

And that’s how you can earn enough Mega Energy to Mega Evolve Latias and Latios in Pokemon GO!

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