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Pokemon GO: Best Mega Evolution Strategy – How To Get Free Mega Pokemon

With the new update to Mega Evolution, a new strategy has emerged for free Mega Pokemon!

It’s been roughly 2 weeks since Niantic updated the way Mega Evolution works in Pokemon GO. A brand new strategy has already been developed to have a free Mega Pokemon every day!

This strategy is F2P friendly too! So players don’t need to worry if they don’t have funds or hours to pour into the game.

Pokemon GO Mega Blastoise

Free Mega Pokemon Strategy

Important Information

Before we talk about the strategy itself, there are some key points of information that players need to know. Namely, some of the changes made with the Mega Evolution update.

The basics points that the strategy uses are:

  • You have an increased chance of gaining candy XL when catching Pokemon of the same type as the active Mega Pokemon (e.g. using a Grass type Mega against a Grass type raid boss)
  • There is now only a 1 time cost to Mega Evolve Pokemon (200 Mega energy for regular Pokemon, 300 for Legendaries)
  • There are now rest periods between Mega Evolving a Pokemon (the time decreases depending on your Pokemon’s Mega level)
  • As stated above, the rest periods for Mega Pokemon are 7 days (Base level), 5 days (High level) or, 3 days (Max level)

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The Strategy

The strategy relies on you having 3 Mega Pokemon to use & getting them to the Max Mega level asap.

This means that by having 3 Pokemon at the Max Mega level you will have 1 free Mega Pokemon per day on a 3 day cycle!

To start, focus on raiding the Pokemon you want to Mega Evolve (or types that will benefit you e.g using a Ghost Mega to raid a Ghost boss) at least 2 or 3 times to gather Mega Energy.

After the initial evolution cost (200-300 energy) players will want to walk with the Pokemon.

However, this will interfere with the player’s current buddy Pokemon if it is a different Pokemon from their chosen Mega.

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Pokemon GO Mega Energy

Players will earn 5 Mega Energy for every Kilometre they walk. Due to this, the strategy can be tailored to fit the player’s pace or needs.

Ideally, you should Mega Evolve the Pokemon once per day (use Mega Energy to decrease the cooldown for the Mega Evolution). Doing this 30 times allows the Pokemon to reach the Max Mega Level.

After this, players will have 3 Pokemon each with a 3 day cooldown on their Mega Evolution! Therefore, players will have a free Mega Pokemon per day!

An example of how this would work is:

A team comprised of Mega Blastoise, Mega Gyarados & Mega Slowbro:

  • Monday – Mega Evolve Blastoise
  • Tuesday – Mega Evolve Gyarados (Blastoise on 2 day cooldown)
  • Wednesday – Mega Evolve Slowbro (Blastoise on 1 day cooldown, Gyarados on 2 day cooldown)

And then the cycle continues. You can do this with as many Mega Pokemon as you want!

With so many fun things coming to the game in May players will have plenty to do!

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We also have a raid guide for Tapu Fini (releasing as a Raid Boss in May!)

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