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Pokemon GO: How to Get Elite Fast & Charged TM

Want to get your hands on the Elite Fast / Charged TM in Pokemon GO? Here’s how to obtain the rare items in-game.

Pokemon GO has more than its fair share of items for players to discover, but there are a few that are rarer than most.

Two such items include the Elite Fast TM and the Elite Charged TM. These incredibly useful items can help teach your Pokemon new moves for combat encounters but have a couple of key differences from standard TMs.

Pokemon GO Elite Fast & Charged TM

While regular TMs would simply replace your Pokemon’s move with another one at random, an Elite Fast or Charged TM lets you pick which attack you want. What’s more, the list even includes special moves that are otherwise only available during specific events.

As such, they’re incredibly useful for new and experienced players alike. But where can you find Elite Fast/Charged TMs in Pokemon GO?

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How to Get an Elite Fast TM & Elite Charged TM in Pokemon GO

Right now, there are 3 main ways to get your hands on an Elite TM of any kind in Pokemon GO.

GO Battle League

Pokemon GO

First of all, you can enter the Pokemon GO Battle League, a PVP mode that lets you face off against other players. Reach the higher ranks and you’ll earn rewards such as Rare Candy, Stardust, Legendary Pokemon, and more!

And at the end of each season, players can also receive rewards such as Elite Fast or Elite Charged TMs. The next season reset takes place on June 1, so we’re not far away.

If you’re opting for this method, check out the best team to use in Pokemon GO right now.

Research Tasks

Pokemon GO

Secondly, newer players in particular may still have special researches that give out these upgraded TMs as rewards. If you have a number of tasks left unfinished in your special research tab, why not check to see if any TMs are in the reward pool.

Special timed research will also show up from time to time in the Today tab. In particular, watch out for the Team GO Rocket events which often offer easy Elite Fast or Charged TM rewards.

Community Day Boxes

Pokemon GO Community Day Boxes

And finally, you always have the option of splashing a little cash via the Pokemon GO Shop. While Elite TMs don’t appear in the Shop every day, they do appear in special Community Day Boxes each month.

However, fans are calling this month’s Community Day Box a ‘rip off’, with the Elite Fast TM costing an insane price.

Unfortunately, those are your only options as of right now in Pokemon GO. It’s no wonder that players are planning a boycott of Pokemon GO Fest 2022 to protest the new changes.

After all, Niantic recently made Remote Raid Passes much harder to get too. And, like with the Elite TMs, it decided to raise the price of the Raid Passes in the store.

On top of that, Community Days getting shorter, and incense becoming useless are two more popular complaints.

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