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Pokemon GO: How to Evolve Tyrunt into Tyrantrum

If you’ve caught a Tyrunt in Pokemon GO, you’ll want to know how you can evolve it into Tyrantrum – here’s how!

Even if Pokemon is all about catching ’em all, there are some Pokemon you can’t actually catch out in the wild.

The Pokemon GO Adventure Week added two new Pokemon and their evolutions to the game. However, these evolved forms can’t actually be caught yet.

Therefore, if you want to add Tyrntum to your Pokedex, you’ll need to evolve a Tyrunt. Here’s how you can evolve Tyrunt into Tyrantrum in Pokemon GO:

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Pokemon GO Tyrunt

How to Evolve Tyrunt into Tyrantrum in Pokemon GO – Evolution Guide

  • First, you’ll need to know how to catch Tyrunt in Pokemon GO! There are only a couple of ways to get this elusive Pokemon right now, so it could be difficult.
  • Next, you need to gather 50 Tyrunt Candy. You can do this by catching more Tyrunts or by making it your buddy and walking with it.
  • Pro Tip: Use the new Pokemon GO Buddy Widget to keep track of your walking distance.
  • Once you have Tyrunt and 50 Tyrunt Candy you can evolve it into Tyrantrum.
  • However, you can only evolve Tyrunt during the day!

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And that’s how you can evolve Tyrunt into Tyrantrum in Pokemon GO. Make sure to catch as many as you can before Adventure Week is over – you never know when this Pokemon will be coming back next!

Also, make sure to take part in the upcoming Pokemon GO Adventure Week Research Day. This will be your best chance to catch loads of Tyrunts!

Additionally, don’t forget to complete the Pokemon GO Adventure Challenge. This will also give your a guaranteed Tyrunt encounter.

Pokemon GO Tyrantrum
Evolving Tyrunt into Tryrantrum in Pokemon GO

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