The new Team GO Rocket Special Research in Pokemon GO Season 10: Rising Heroes is called From the Shadows.

To complete the From The Shadows Special Research in Pokemon GO, players must finish all five steps in the Research which are all about Team GO Rocket.

The steps involve catching and purifying Shadow Pokemon as well as defeating members of Team GO Rocket, from Grunts to Team Leaders, and finally, the boss, Giovanni!

Of course, the best time to start completing this is during the latest Team GO Rocket Takeover, but it can be finished at any point, so long as you claim it before June 1, 2023.

All Steps, Tasks & Rewards in Pokemon GO From the Shadows Team Rocket Research

There are five steps for players to complete in the From the Shadows Research. Each of these steps has three different tasks to complete.

From the Shadows Step 1/5 Tasks & Rewards

To finish step 1, you must defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts and then catch and purify Shadow Pokemon.

Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts5 Super Potions
Catch 2 Shadow Pokemon20 Poke Balls
Purify 1 Shadow Pokemon3 Revives

Step 1 Completion Rewards

  • 1000 XP
  • 500 Stardust
  • 3 Mysterious Components
Pokemon GO Battle Team Rocket Ultra Beast Protection Efforts

From the Shadows Step 2/5 Tasks & Rewards

Step 1 of the Research is just like step 1, but the tasks are doubled!

Defeat 6 Team GO Rocket Grunts1 Mysterious Component
Catch 4 Shadow Pokemon15 Great Balls
Purify 2 Shadow Pokemon1 Mysterious Component

Step 2 Completion Rewards

  • 1500 XP
  • 1000 Stardust
  • 1 Rocket Radar
New Shadow Pokemon Datamined for Pokemon GO

From the Shadows Step 3/5 Tasks & Rewards

To complete step 3 of the From the Shadows research in Pokemon GO, you must defeat all three Team GO Rocket leaders – Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra.

Defeat the Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo1500 XP
Defeat the Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff1500 XP
Defeat the Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra1500 XP

If you’re struggling to defeat them all, or just want to be prepared, check out our guides on how to defeat the Team Leaders:

Step 3 Completion Rewards

  • 2500 XP
  • 1500 Stardust
  • Super Rocket Radar
Team Rocket Leaders Pokemon GO

From the Shadows Step 4/5 Tasks & Rewards

Step 4 of the From the Shadows Research in Pokemon GO requires you to track down and defeat Giovanni, the Team GO Rocket boss.

Find the Team GO Rocket Boss10 Hyper Potions
Battle the Team GO Rocket Boss10 Ultra Balls
Defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss6 Max revives

Giovanni is the toughest boss in the whole game, so you’ll need to be fully prepared if you want to win. Here are the best counters to defeat Giovanni’s Shadow Pokemon, so you can breeze through this battle!

Step 4 Completion Rewards

  • 3000 XP
  • 2000 Stardust
  • 2 Golden Razz Berries
Pokemon GO Giovanni

From the Shadows Step 5/5 Tasks & Rewards

The final step is by far the easiest, as you can just claim all of the XP and the final set of completion rewards.

Claim Reward!2500 XP
Claim Reward!2500 XP
Claim Reward!2500 XP

Step 5 Completion Rewards

  • 5000 XP
  • 2500 Stardust
  • 2 Silver Pinap Berries
How to Beat Giovanni Pokemon GO

How to Catch Shadow Regice in Pokemon GO

To catch Shadow Regice in Pokemon GO, you must defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni while the From the Shadows Research is active.

Players can claim the From the Shadows Research until June 1, 2023, as long as they do not have any of the previous Team GO Rocket Research active.

If you still haven’t completed the Team GO Rocket Research from last season yet, make sure you know how to complete Shadowy Skirmishes and catch Shadow Registeel in Pokemon GO!

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