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Pokemon GO: How to Catch Sky Forme Shaymin – GO Fest Finale

The Mythical Pokemon, Sky Forme Shaymin, will be available to catch soon, with the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest Finale 2022!

With Pokemon GO Fest ending soon, the Finale aims to allow players globally to catch some of the Fest-exclusive Pokemon!

On the first GO Fest date for 2022, Pokemon GO players were able to get their hands on Land Forme Shaymin.

And now, Sky Forme Shaymin is making its debut in Pokemon GO, to finish the GO Fest for 2022 on a high note!

How to Catch Sky Forme Shaymin in Pokemon GO

Sky Forme Shaymin will be available to catch with the completion of Special Research Tasks with Pokemon GO Fest’s Finale event.

Players will be guaranteed an encounter with Sky Forme Shaymin, so long as they purchase a ticket for the finale.

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Unfortunately, we don’t know what the Special Research Tasks will be right now. They’re usually a range of simple challenges like “catch 10 Pokemon” or “use an incense”.

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We’ll make sure to update this article when the tasks become available.

Find out how much the tickets cost, as well as how to catch the Ultra Beasts during the Pokemon GO Fest Finale later this month.

When is Sky Forme Shaymin Available in Pokemon GO?

Shaymin will be available to catch with the Pokemon Go Fest Finale on August 27, between 10 AM and 6 PM local time.

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While you’ll need to purchase a Finale ticket to be able to catch Sky Forme Shaymin, it’s likely you won’t need to complete the Special Research Task within the event’s time.

That means it’s no rush to finish your tasks in time, so long as you’ve bought a ticket.

But don’t worry if you won’t be able to take part in the GO Fest Finale, as there is plenty of content coming up for Pokemon GO in August 2022:

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